Moonflow - Episode Complete (FFX-2)

Ok, I’ve gone through all of FFX-2 and came very close to a perfect ending on my first playthrough (98%, bleh). This was done without finishing Djose or the Via Infinitio. However, I couldn’t get an Episode Complete in Moonflow. What exactly is needed for that? I did all the missions, and I ended up getting the Crystal Ball from Tobli’s room which indicates that I did something wrong somewhere along the way.

You probably didn’t get all 10 tickets sold in chapter 2. I know, it sucks. -_-

I did get all the tickets sold though =/. I had heard that the base asking price for the pickets he wanted you to go for was supposed to be 500 or something, but he said 1000 for me. I don’t know if that has much to do with it or not.

No, it was 1000 for me too. I’m not sure what you did wrong, then. Did you talk to Tobli at the Moonflow in chapter 5? (You should have at least "Episode Concluded on the airship if you did). It might have caused it not to happen if you didn’t visit the Moonflow in one of the chapters, or maybe even if you didn’t view the Commsphere in chapter 4. Who knows. -_-

Well bleh. Yeah, I talked to him in Chapter 5, but I was really suspicious when every area but Moonflow lit up as a Hotspot. I thought I visited in every chapter and everything, made a profit on the ticket sales, saw the CommSpheres until a Shoopuf stepped on it. Bleh. How frusterating.

The asking price for the tickets was 500 if you saved the Hypello’s wagon in chapter 1

I did that too. Was there something special you had to do while trying to complete the mission? Anyone you had to talk to or anything? =/

Did you also get all the CommSphere scenes done? And did you do all the musician missions at Macalania?

I did the musicians. If anything, it seems like the CommSpheres were what messed me up -_-. Thanks.

Yeah. There’s about 2% for the first set of CommSpheres in total, and 2% for the second set in total. If you do them all, Chapter 4 is almost the longest chapter because of it, and the most BORING -_-