Monty Python like you've never seen before!

This is just too awesome for words. =D


0_o Tis silly it was, but how much time did that take to make? There was no stepping on a cat and the body in the dungeon was an thin, old man not a skeleton <<…>>

Derktar begins too speak but it is too awesome for words…
Seriously though I have the DVD edition of Monty Python and that’s where that comes from. I must have watched it over 1 million times.

GG cool find.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of my favourite films. And that seen has too be one of the more oddly funny ones. But seeing it done as legos, is even more funny.

That’s hilarious. 8p

Worth cookies!
Lots of cookies!

great stuff! makes me wish I’d have iso’d the movie b4 I dumped my gf.

I must be alone in thinking that, while it is funny, Monty Python is hugely overrated in that it isn’t all that funny.

I should probably keep my mouth shut…

The Holy Grail is the most overrated Monty Python flick, if that’s what you mean. The TV show is a lot funnier than any of their movies, to be honest… but “The Life of Brian” and “The Meaning of Life” kick the Grail’s ass.

Yeah, that Lego thing is on the special features of the DVD.

Well, that’s the only one I’ve seen. Holy Grail is funny, don’t get me wrong - Monty Python has excellent comedic timing, but it isn’t as funny as people make it out to be. And “The Life of Brian”, which is being re released and I saw a preview for, looks really…dumb :\

Holy Grail is my personal favorate, but I’d never claim it to be the best. Life of Brian was an excellent movie, though personaly I didn’t care much for it. (Love the song at the end, though.)

And Meaning of Life just kicks ass in every imaginable way. And of course, you can’t forget the original show, which was also excellent. Some choice sketches from the show were redone and collected in a movie entitled “And Now for Something Completely DIfferent”, which I would also reccomend seeing if you havn’t already.

I haven’t seen that last one. I still think LoB is the best, for these reasons;

The Biggus Dicku scene
"He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!
The Suicide Squad
Soldiers trooping into the old man’s house.

Small Kid: Encore! Encore! I love toys!
Gemini: I haven’t played with Legos in a loong time. This reminded me of them.
Glenn: I remember seeing Holy Grail. It was really funny. to Gemini Some quotes from it were used in Warcraft 3