Anyone else watch this anime? It’s a very serious anime mystery/thriller. I’ve been hooked on it for a while. The writing is exceptional. It’s nearing the end now.

Monster is awesome. I gotta catch up though, I am only on ep 20 T_T


it goes on that long? I’m only on episode 5. I’m enjoying it even though it creeped me out when we started watching.

I’ve been trying to figure out when it’s done for a while, but no-one seems to have a solid figure. I hear anything between 70 and 78 episodes. I think the show has aired up to episode 64 or 65 right now so either way it’s going to end somewhat soon. I have seen through 50.

It’s planned for a 78 ep run. It wraps up in November.

where’d you see that information dragon? Just curious. I’ve seen 78 in some places, but then have seen others refute it.

Y’know what? I dont remember, lol.

I’ve seen into the sixties, and I agree that the writing is excellent. Also, I believe the 78 run is correct, but I don’t really know, either.