I’m generally not surprised with all the strange stuff I see in the Internet, but this one got me saying a very spontaneous WTF. At first, judging by the URL, you’d think this would be a poorly-made page created for mocking people who have monobrows. But then, when you take a closer look…

This guy is wrong. The correct term is unibrow. >:(


Nonsense, werewolves aren’t scary. These people are.


I wishI was that special.

I think these people need a razor.

I dont know about you, but I find unibrows disturding O.o

That is just…odd. They should totally shave, cuz I think its degrading.

I was thinking that too. I was expecting to see people with one eyebrow.

I laughed out loud.

I thought it was somthing else…cuz im use to hearing unibrow too. Oh well, this guys a douche bag any way…i mean does it take that much effort to just shave it in the middle? And plus, doesnt the guy feel odd when he goes out i public? I doubt that turns a chic on…and if it does…they need to be shot, lol.

Well to each his own, I guess. If he’s happy with his unibrow, more power to him.

Thats…really…odd. Oh well, if he wants to go around looking like he has a mustache for his fore head…let it be. I just think…man he is…eww!!!

Mono/Uni-brows kinda weird me out…

I have a wee bit of hair between my eyebrows but a bit of tweesing and I’m good as new… These guys need a friggin lawn mower to tame some of those beasts…!

Something tells me you know this already, but in the time of the inquisition it was thought that if your eyebrows grew together you were a werewolf. Gille Garnier (I think I’m misspelling his first name) was one such person, who was actually burned at the stake, if memory serves.

The absurdity of this post makes me giggle.

Other than being grossly rude, it’s also horrible on the eyes.