Monkeys are homo too


See, they’re as homo as we are.

Oh yeah, for those who had sexual orientation related thoughts… They’re as homo as humans too clicka. (this is just to show that non-procreation related sex is not unnatural)

So let’s git DAUUWNN wit da funky homo-sapiens!

Heh heh…“Homo-erectus”…heh heh… :mwahaha:

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Heh heh…“Homo-erectus”…heh heh… :mwahaha:


Dude, Hell, you are so fucking dumb. -_-;

Anyway, the chimps have similar DNA, however, they have very different DNA arrangement of that DNA. Though it is true chimps and humans are closely related (and that the human lineage eventually does branch off from the gorilla and further down the line, chimp lineage), saying that they’re in the homo branch is not necessarily an accurate statement. A variety of traits distinguish the genus “homo” from Pan and Gorilla, like the shape of the hip bones and feet (relating to function->bipedalism , unique to homo). You’d have a lot of work and a lot of anthropologists to fight if you wanted to convince the scientific community of your opinion because of how well established distinction like these are. Under that argument, you’d have to discuss gene expression, protein function, etc… You would also have to counter the people that would say “most DNA is junk DNA” and make you present your opinion on the chimps and homo on expressed DNA (as a note, the human proteome isn’t complete, much less that of chimps as far as I’m aware). Then if you did manage to make any kind of decent comparison, you’d have to face a lot of questions in terms of the already established timeline of separation. The articule accurately states that the chimp-homo separation probably occurred around 6 million years ago. All homo ancestors date back much less than that. The furthest possible hominids date back to around 6 million years and those hominids already have characteristics of upright walking (like australophithicus afarensis). According to simple principles governing evolution, the characteristics of hips, knees, leg length and walking would not be as disctinctly different between homo and pan if they were so closely related that they be in the same genus. The separation dates too far back and there’s no common ancestor to both pan and homo that dates to more recent times where the pan traits would have been regained after having been lost. When looking at evolutionary trees, scientists tend to keep it simple, because that’s the more likely possibility (and in this case, by a long shot)

The scientist mentinoed is only mentioned because it makes news, not because of any scientific breakthrough. This is superficial crap that someone thought they could quote to grab ignorant people’s attention like that god awful aquatic ape theory.

Hahah that aqautic ape theory was hilarious.

Aquatic Ape theory?
I remember something about it… what the hell was it? I need a gist of it :stuck_out_tongue:

It was some ridiculous thing that was talking about how there could be aquatic apes, or some crap… I remember Sin made a huge post about how it could be wrong. It was great.

Also, about that title… Chimps aren’t monkeys, they’re apes.

wow. LOL. that’s crazy

The aquatic ape theory was something that a drunk half brain dead retarded ass thought up while hooked on too many hallucinogens. It ignored evolution and scientific practice to bring forth unsupported and unreasonable ideas about very variable characteristics of humans.