Does anyone here watch this show? 'Tis one of my favorates.

It’s amasing how it can be so damn funny and STILL be a high-quality detective show.

Monk and The Dead Zone, are a couple of the best shows on tv. And I don’t like the new Monk Theme. It sucks ass, Andy Newman sucks ass!

I like the new theme…it’s fitting. :hahaha;

I liked the old one, cuz its like, somone was just murdered and then, happy music plays. IT WAS GREAT!!!

I hate Dead Zone, it was too stupid to me, Monk was ok, but Charmed beat them all.

I hate you and you’re stupid to me. And I watched Charmed today, it was the stupidest lamest thing I ever saw.

Oh come on Charley, I wasn’t being mean, I just don’t like the way Deadzone’s storylines work.

And I just think Charmed is single handedly the lamest thing ever thought up. Its like a child wrote it.

It’s gotten really sucky since one of them had the baby…but before the baby the show kicked ass, it was like Buffy x3.
Also, I drew your little avvy thing, I just need to color it & I’ll email it to ya or something.


LOL, all my friends are Buffy fans, but I never got the show…never really interested me…so I never got to like it. You want to see buffy obcession? go to <a href=“”> Boy Meets Boy</a>. Go to the first comic & start from there, they’re punky buffy maniacs, lol…you just have to read far enough to get there. About 5 or 10 should be it.

Anyway. Yeah I’ve seen a couple of Monk episodes and I want to see more but I keep forgetting when it’s on.

I do like the episode where Monk goes to Mexico to look into a case about a skydiver dying from drowning.

That was a good one. :hahaha;

And if anyone wants to know, Monk is on friday night at 10 on USA.

IMHO, Charmed is a bad show. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my sister likes it and insists on watching it when it is on at the same time as my anime shows.

Monk is funny, though. The only episode I have seen is the one about the skydiver.