Monitor Flickering?

My other computer’s monitor seems to be flickering (the screen(not the power light) turns on and off at unexpected times).
EDIT : Sometimes the monitor displays the screen when the monitor is turned off and then on.

Necessary or unnecessary information :
[ol]The refresh rate is 60[/ol]
[list=2]The computer has no graphic card…basic Windows XP or direct X graphics.
[list=3]daytek’s CRT display purchased in 7 years and 7 months ago.[/list]
Does anyone know what is the extent of the damage?
(Is it just the monitor that is damaged?)
How should I fix it?
(List many as possible.)

To Devilion : I will see what will happen in the future; meanwhile, the monitor seems to be working right now.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

It sounds like the monitor is just getting old. The same thing happened to my IBM CRT before it died.

It happens to CRTs as they age. It’s a small, expensive, and quite inaccessible part that starts to give out as age wears and tears on it. It’ll be much more expensive to replace than it will be to buy a new CRT or even a LCD.

Monitors reached old age.