Mods you really hate?

After viewing Pierson’s thread…

Well Just post.
I hate Simmer!..ugh the most.

First off, Nulani and Trillian aren’t mods. They’re just regular posters.

Secondly, a thread like this would be better suited for the Polling Forum, but it would still get closed there.

Thirdly, the concept of this thread is actually little more than flame bait waiting to happen. So don’t make another one like it. That goes for any of you stupid bandwagoners too.

The 984 <!-- is the coolest mod ever -->

984 <!-- Is my bestest friend in the world. :smiley: --> <!-- That I wish to kill --><!-- Some cows for so I can cook him steaks -->

Mega Man 984 <!-- He never existed, you stupid hat. That was Megaman984. And he’s dead too. You must mean X2K -->

<marquee behavior = “alternate” scrollamount = “100”><h1>984</h1></marquee>
<!-- Wait… No… No… Not really. -->