Mods make me sad

Cuz, I’m readin that thread. And they’re all being happy and makin jokes, like they used to. Now days, I feel like they dont want to do their duty as mods and admins anymore, they’re just sick of doing it. They only post when they’re closing a thread or banning somone, or when its some kind of news related mumbo jumbo. Anyway, its makes me sad. Thats all, anyway, whatever.

I don’t even read threads that get closed because it’s like a big CLUBHOUSE from which we are all excluded.

But I think our mods are cool because they are on our “level” and then can rise back up with the attitude. On the suikoden forum that I post, the mods are whiny, aggravated and much too numerous and like to voice their distress over how hard it is to be an authority figure and to close threads. Oh woe is me!

I’m glad OUR mods don’t do that. Let’s give them presents!

EPL, I’m getting sick of doing YOU.

And Eva, STFU, you have NO idea how hard it is being a mod. Every day I have to go through a thread with my 27 hours of spare time a day and decide whether or not I wanna show off how awesome it is to throw my caulk around, and, and FUCK it’s hard. Let’s see you do it. You don’t even have caulk! If you think you can HANDLE this shit, then why don’t you just speak up? No shut the FUCK up. That’s it I’m gonna go listen to My Chemical Romance cos I’m a pussy and my life’s really hard. :frowning:

SG, please don’t use me as your personal punching bag. I realize that you’re under a lot of stress and your fingers are overworked but this is no reason to verbally sodomize me in front of the other members. I’m going to the other board to complain about you now.


Modulations make me sad too, but not if they’re done by a semitone, whole tone, or a related interval and modulated into the correct key.

I think all this conflict is because of that “Setz thing”.

He’s become a disturbing political influence with his nipple licking, no?

I didn’t know you were batting for that team SG.

New discussion! Citizen KAne is one of the finest character studies of cinema and laid the groundrules for modern filmmaking. Discuss!

Charl does make our job diffucult. :frowning:

He keeps us in line

Mods are crunchy

Free post!

I’m a mod, heck, an admin, too, elsewhere. But I’ve never thought of the job as hard or difficult. The only time it is, is when you have to say “no” to one of your friends. 'Cause you feel bad about it, even though you still have to do it, you know?

Anyway, it’s a hell of a lot easier (and more enjoyable) than my RL job. God, I’m sick of that one. >=(

Although, being an RPGC mod is probably quite a bit different than being a BJP mod. So I dunno.

You need to post more, not as much as you used to, but more then you do now.

The only reason 75% of my threads are closed is because one time I had an argument with Sinstral on fighting stances in Kill Bill vol 1, it has nothing to do with the fact that they have little content and are usualy very stupid.

I heard ur msg board iz teh kewlest place, can i b a mod 2?

Mods are the reason that Neverwinter Nights is an awesome game!

Meh. You don’t ask for your thread to get locked, it gets locked. You do ask for your thread to get locked, it degenerates into banality, but not enough so that it gets locked. Incest le vie.

guys i made a new mb u should join you can be a mod!

me first my name is forumdude69 sup ladies