Modern Warfare 2

This game is beast. I’m surprised theres no thread about it already! Anybody playing?

I’ll probably get a 360 during the Boxing Week sale and pick MW2 up as well, I’ve played it with some friends before and it’s badass.

My roommate has it so we play it all the time. Pretty awesome game!

So I hear it fucks up Blu-ray lasers. And what is so great about it anyway? You shoot people, big deal.

Well, the graphics are pretty awesome, there’s a variety of special game modes in addition to campaign on online, and the controls handle like a dream. Just to name a few.

The controls are like any other FPS, Killzone 2 has better graphics, and what do you mean by special game modes?

Special Ops missions. Similiar to the mode from Rainboe Six: Las Vegas 2’s “Terrorist Hunt” but with many more, and more diverse, objectives.

Edit: Yeah, the controls are pretty much the same as a number of other FPS’s. I suppose the reason I say they handle well is that I haven’t encountered an lag or glitches that I’ve experienced in Halo.

Edit 2: I haven’t played Killzone 2. It’s possible that my enjoying the game so much is because I haven’t played it.

I haven’t played Killzone 2 (360 r0x0r5 lolz) but MW2s online graphics are pretty stellar. Hard to imagine Killzone 2, which is a few years old, having as good of graphics as this. Arguably some of the best online graphics I’ve seen to be sure. Fact is this game is pretty fun, what with all the weapons and perks and shit that you can unlock by playing. The campaign is difficult and a blast. It’s cinematic and immersive all at once. The controls really do handle like a dream, and no, the controls aren’t the same as any other FPS. The maps are really what set multiplayer FPS’s apart, and Call of Duty has always had really good maps.

The only way I could see a game fucking up hardware is if the physical disc is warped, which could be a design flaw but is more than likely the error of the consumer.

Got it right after Christmas. So far, the single player is shit, but Multiplayer is THE shit. Same as CoD4, I guess.

If activision keeps cranking out call of duty titles at the rate of one per year then they are really going to undercut the value of the older games … not to mention eventually losing out on alot of fans who become disintrested with over saturation that being said i can’t wait for MW2


I’m pretty sure KZ2 has better graphics because the PS3 has better capabilities than the 360, and KZ2 was built to maximize the use of the PS3. I think.

And as far as messing up Blu-Ray here is a thread on PSN forums with some people talking about it.

Yeah, all dem pretty shades of fucking gunmetal gray, YEAH.

I’ve seen both games on PS3, on a HDTV. I can’t tell the difference anymore. Framerate of MW2 however was kickass.

You should see the Visari Hammer level. Many shades of red.

This picture sucks, but I couldn’t find any better ones.

Well, Killzone 2 may be alone in that category. More commonly I see reports of multiplatform games looking and playing better on 360. I’m looking at you Assassins Creeds I and II and GTA4.

Ya know, now that you mention it, my 360’s drive has been taking a lot longer to load games now that I’ve been playing MW2…

It is all about adjusting settings. And speaking of AC1, that game was a huge piece of steaming shit!

I actually think games look better on the 360. Also, I’ve noticed many more 360 games play in 1080p, where as many PS3 games do 720p (funny thing is, I have a Sony TV and my 360 games look better on it).


You can search youtube for videos of people comparing the same game on the same resolution, same television and the 360 flat out stomps the PS3. That being said, PS3 exclusives look better than 360 exclusives.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I read 4 “Best of the rest of '08” lists, and all of them listed Killzone 2 as being a huge disappointment. So… nyah!

How could a first person shooter be a disappointment? You shoot people from the first person, what is there to expect?

Clearly not you.

Frankly I need more from my games than just shooting stuff. This may explain why you are so impressed with a critically dead panned game. In Modern Warfare 2 it’s the deep multiplayer ranking system. In Team Fortress 2 it’s the varied game modes and class system. In Halo it’s the cinematic action. In Counter Strike it was the “play then your dead” mechanic. If you regulated your expectations of something to it’s genre defined title then nothing would impress or dissapoint - it would be good because it existed. For example “How could the new Metallica album disappoint? I mean, they played the guitar and everything!”

Clearly you’re just trying to be cool like Hades, or want a post count as high as mine, by posting three times in a thread that so clearly disinterests you.