moderator/forum realignment

many of you will notice that we’ve rearranged and in some cases removed some of our forums. The current new listing looks like this:

  • The Core
    +RPGC Main Forum (4)
    Kagon, Sephiroth Katana, Skankin’ Garbage, Mazrim Taim
    +RPGC Media Forum (3)
    Skankin’ Garbage, Weiila, Mazrim Taim
    +PC Games Forum (1)
    Kagon, Cless Alvein
    +The Anime Forum (2)
    Kagon, Tenchimaru Draconis
    +The Polling Forum (1)
    Tenchimaru Draconis, Cless Alvein

  • Community Forums
    +Free Roleplaying Forum (?)
    Cless Alvein, Valkryie Esker, PC Glenton
    +The FFCompendium Forum (1)
    +Realm of the Dragons Forum (1)
    Dragon Ninja
    +The Translation/HTI Forum (2)
    Hiryuu, RoguePaladinTrian
    +RPGCSprite HQ Board (2)
    Drak, Megaman984
    +Online Life (1)
    +SaGa Maniac (1)
    Skankin’ Garbage

  • RPGC Assistance Forums
    +Gaming Help Forum (1)
    Dalton of Zeal
    +Messageboard Help and Testing (2)
    Zero, Sinistral
    +The Chat Room Forum (2)
    ClothHat, Tenchimaru Draconis, Megaman984
    +The Homework Board (1)
    Cless Alvein

Am I dreaming? Is this real?

Truth lies in the eye of the beholder.

But yeah, it’s real, as according to the Prophecy.

We’re dead. With the King AND the Queen of the losers watching our every step, we’re DOOMED…

Oh yeah, congrats about the promotions ^^

Whoa sweet, rock on. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks mods.

What happened to Rast’s forum?


RPG2K[3]/Rast’s Lair questions can always be posted in the main forum

You don’t remember it because in your time it was only a prophecy. But now, in the future, the past has <i>occurred</i>.

That, the Foreign Languages, and Rendezvous were all packed in crates along with the old AD&D boards.

Ah. And love the avvie Merl.

Yes, I agree. i remember the old days, when I’d dopn that avvie, change my title to “Forsaken One”, and leave people wondering just what the hell i was banned for. Good times, Good times…

Hey Val. You’re not the first Staff mod. Spoony was.

Fuck you, 984. You had to ruin everything. I hope you die before your wedding.

Oh shit, I better hurry up! … Hey 984… ^.~


I wanna be a mod :frowning:

Place still looks great. Even if it still has more boards than I’m ever likely to visit. :hahaha;

Congratulations to everyone, especially to our new Staffers.

And Val, I KNOW you’ll do a good job. Go get 'em. :ark:

I wouldn’t want to be a mod. Too much responsibility. >.>

And that’s where we differ. I like responsibility, rthough not too much. Being a Moderator and, eventually, being able to check out the Staff Board will be enough for me. Besides, now I can alter people’s posts in the RP forum if I don’t like what they say! ^^

Congratulations Val!

You do realize you’re a mod because 98% of the staffers don’t want to get anywhere near the roleplaying forum.