Mod your NES

I bought a new NES at a garage sale today, I want to mod it, does anyone know of any websites that have cool ideas?

I guess I didn’t mention that I wanted it to stay a NES…

This is actually against the rules.

Setz, it not like he modding it to play imports. Besides when did you become a modator? Anyway, here is a link with a bunch of various NES mods, from the mudane like putting a new 72 pin chip to the cool.

No it’s not. Shut up, buttercup.

So I ask a question about modding my PSP, it’s against the rules; but if Charle asks about modding a NES, it’s all fun and games?


One is asking how to pimp his NES (I suggest you contact West Coast Customs, Charle). The other was asking how to mod the PSP to play illegal roms. So, yeah.

Also, Setz, you saying it’s against the rules is vigilante-ing. Save it for your Death Wish sequels.

You wanted to mod you PSP to play games on it illegally. Charle wants to mod his NES to make it look cool. One of those things is legal, the other is not. Similarly, one of those things abides by the rules, the other does not. I don’t know how you can’t see the difference.

Rirse: I don’t see a link in your post… >_>

Charle didn’t specify he wanted to pimp his NE-- oh god, forget about it.

Why are you posting if you’re not going to say anything?

Setz, I dont know what I did to incur your lame but annoying wrath. But I don’t appreciate it, if you continue to fuck with me, I will ban you. And yes, I wanted to PIMP IT OUT, BITCH! I’M CHARLEMAGNE, BITCH! IF I COULD I WOULD HAVE F-ING RIMS ON IT! Y’DIG? AND NEON LIGHTS! I’m fairly sure I want a tiny strobe light and disco ball inside of it. Anyway, gimme the link you promised, stranger.

Will you pimp my ride

Nice sig, pedophile.

Charle, take a dremel, cut a square, lay some plexiglass over the square and load it up with lights and stickers of “tux”. Thats pretty much all PC modding is ;o

Nes Mods apparently.

I’m all over doing that blue LED. But I’ve already seen this website. SHOW ME STUFF I CANT FIND BY JUST TYPING IN “MOD NES”!!!

I remember you could get some stickers to put on your NES controler in an issue of nintendo power a really long time ago, so I guess you should backorder a bunch of old nintendo powers and hope you get lucky.

Yeah. Said stickers help your NES run faster.

Mod NES? NES is rock.