Mod parties.

I am completely opposed to mod party threads. I can’t attend, and my heart is stung by my inability to participate.

That is all.

If you made a Shrine, I’m sure we’d make you a mod, Vicki. Then you could join in.

Well… I need some Vicks for my soar throat, I’m sure once we’ve explored those possibilities, I’d be more than happy to discuss how we could accomodate your needs.

Oh GOD, we’d have GIRLS at the party? Half the attendees would have to bring their inhalers.

You sure she doesn’t need something for HER sore throat? Maybe some Robitus-Sin?

Hey now, we gotta be careful not to skip any bases. The Rub-it-us-in’ll come when its ready. Besides, we’re on the same shelf in the pharmacy, we need to be bought together for maximal soothing effects. There’s nothing wrong with having some nice cream clear things up, I wouldn’t call Vicks a downer. The treatments don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I hear they play truth or dare and spin the bottle like at big kid parties

How many mods are there allowed at one time? when do they choose them? Could I become a mod? How do they choose mods? So many questions that need to be answered. Im serious too. I would like to know.

You make a shrine (or some section of equivalent importance), join staff, show that you’re a respectable, active, tolerant and even-handed individual for a period of from many months up to several years, and then the current roster of mods vote you in from a panel of current active staffers intested in modding, if there is a vacancy or if there is a new area that requires modding.

P.S. I just bribed Sinistral with a piece of candy

Whats a freakin shrine? And that would be my last question…I think.

I don’t know who to be most disgusted with in this thread. D:

How about you determine this using “spin the bottle”? :smiley:

Oh god do we play spin the bottle. Why do you think Sin ended up with the long hair?

God was angered by sin so he cursed him with unremovable locks that make him look like the green ranger.

:moogle: I’m going to go hide in the closet untle sin is done smiting you.

It was a bottle of a Miracle-Gro type hair longening agent? And someone threw it at his head in a drunken rage? Making sure to put a good spin on it? …I got nothin.


Dear God, it’s like he comes here because the people are friendly or something.

It’s the kind of nausea that keeps on nauseating. :smiley: