Mobile Police Patlabor

Has anyone seen the series? I’ve seen the first two movies and loved them, and I’m wondering how the series stacks up to the movies.

I love Patlabor. =D
Anyway, I’ve only seen the first 15 episodes of the tv series but so far it doesn’t hold a candle to the movies or the OVA series. That’s not to say it’s bad or anything, the rest of the franchise is just so much better.

Agreed. The anime focuses more on the crew’s everyday life than in actual battles. If you just love seeing Noah polishing her Ingram for half an hour, go ahead, but there aren’t any really interesting plot arcs besides for the black Shaft model.

If I remember correctly, the TV series came before the OVA, and the whole point was to make a far more character-oriented Mecha series than was usual at the time, and that was why Patlabor was so popular; when they got around to do the OVAs, they decided on more action oriented/socially meaningful stories, which I guess makes sense if you want to pull in a more typical audience, but certainly can be misleading about the TV show.

BTW, the opening theme of the Patlabor show is one of my favorites. Funny and upbeat. :slight_smile:

The most popular OVAs were made before the TV series. The dates go: OVAs - 1999 Tokyo War (Movie) - TV - More OVAs - Patlabor 2 (Movie).

While we’re at it: The dubbing in 1999 Tokyo War was barely passable in my region, so I want to ask something that didn’t seem too clear: What the heck were those crows on top of the Arc?