Mob RO

New stuff? I doubt it. I’m never on top of anything. But I found that free server for Ragnarok Online. I’ve been playing it for a while and having a blast doing it.

Make fun of me if you have to.

How is Ragnarok Online, is it fun?

I’m enjoying it. This specific server has a 3x exp hack so it’s not as tedious in the first levels too. It’s good to get in a group and just kill weak stuff. fwahaha.

Yes, one of the BEST things about free servers in RO is when they boost the exp rate. The rate in the normal game is just retarded.

I think this may apply

Every pirate RO I have ever played sucks beyond comparison to offical servers and they make it too easy, also the people playing those servers have no clue on how to make a decent character. Most pirate servers are also glitchy as hell due to stupid people running them and the origional piraters no longer care to do the it properly or at all even. As for normal exp rate a total newbie can make a 99 in about 6 months if they work at it, a person that knows what they are doing but starting from scratch can do it in about 4 months and someone with a good guild and good gear can make 99 in 2 or even faster.

Yeah, it’ll probably be locked.

I lost my taste for RO once JinRO went kaput. Oh well. Once I get a job I might get the original.

Thing is though, the game blows too much ass to play for 6 months straight. And the tedium that comes with overcrowded servers of tons of stupid people sitting IN MASS of prontera with thier silly little shops up everywhere makes the game that much more pathetic to play. Free servers have alot over the real servers, you sacrafice stability and you gain a smaller crowd which is good if you dont like wading through shit tons of people, alot faster character growth (which is good if you dont feel like playing this ass game for 6 months to get ubar, or if you mess up, its not SO bad restarting), and more field to yourself (which is again, good if you dont like lots of people who in this case, kill steal…)

All in all, the only redeeming quality of RO is the fact that there ARE free servers. No way in hell would I pay good money for the real thing, again… >_<

So before you start defending Ragnarok Online as a badass game, be sure you can compair it to other high quality MMORPGs out there that you have had first hand experience on. I myself have played almost all the market MMORPGs except Dark Age of Camelot, which fell faster than it rose.

If Prontera’s merchants give you trouble, you really need to seek help since you don’t have the motor skills to click on a computer screen. Not to mention that any lag the merchants cause can possibly affect a whopping two maps with monsters on them (Hidden Temple 1 and 3).

As far as paying for it goes, how many games have you paid far more than $12 for that you played for less than a month? Probably not many, since you’re a pirate, but the point is that dollar for dollar it’s a better time value than many games out there now.

I play RO and FFXI, I’ve seen a lot of the other marketed MMOs so yes I do know what I’m talking about. I’ll even admit that it dosen’t hold a candle to the better ones, but it definatly blows away many of the shitty ones too like Priston Tale and I’m not defending it as a badass MMO. I’ve found it to be a middle of the road MMO that isn’t great but it also dosen’t suck. And if you want to avoid the crowds in pront stay out of there and hang out in a less crowded town. Stability first off is a major thing in MMOs every private server I have ever played has had insane server instabilility with crashes that last days with roll backs up to 9 weeks. The smaller crowd also tends to not know shit about the game either, a friend of mine started on a 6X server and asked me for advise and with simply a little build help and advice on where to find stuff he was the richest person on the server within a month, he was also the most powerful and was able to solo any guild castle he wanted and at one point he owned all 20 with 500 people on the server. In iRO I have rarely been kill stolen even on the most crowded maps and if it ever does happen, people are curteous enough to apologize. Just because you wouldn’t pay for the game dosen’t mean there are people out there that will, and enjou the game for what it is. By playing or starting a private server you are directly stealing income from Gravity.

If the game sucks, why are you playing it? Go run on a treadmill with a chatroom open on your computer.

Well I get great performance from MobRO on my comp. There is the occasional pause, but otherwise the only lag I ever recieve is when I’m in downtown Prontera and there’s over 180 people and merchants in it.

ALso with this version they hacked it so that key characters are in the middle of Prontera like the guy sho gives you your key skills, a weapon repair guy, and a custom sprite that lets you warp to any town or dungeon for free, save your spawn point, and let’s your store stuff for your account.

I’ve been pleased with it so far and the guild I’m in is pretty cool since it’s just a bunch of people I know.

Private RO servers are a dime a dozen.

I don’t know about RO… I don’t have the time to play any MMO seriously right now, so I’m not going to bother paying for them. It could be a half a year until I can again too, which sucks. But, about RO. It’s really really fun, but as soon as leveling slows way down and stuff… I just get bored. WoE is fun and all, but I don’t like dying in two seconds until I’m level 80. I’m not exactly a patient one and I need lots of things to do and to keep busy. Also, getting through Prontera isn’t that hard. >.>;; Go through the spawn area if you really have to.

Jinro was perfect. I am yet to find anything close to it at all.

You must be a very clever bunny rabbit to assume things like that of me. You know me so well gives thumbs up. Point is, the only pirated game I’ve ever played WAS iRO because I couldnt stand the real game. My friends told me to try the free server because it was more fast paced.

Games I have payed for and played for a month to get the free trial:
City of Heroes (Cost to play for my first month - $49.99)
Shadowbane (Cost to play for my first month - $6.99) ((got it at a book store that was going out of business))
Planet Side (Cost to play for my first month - $49.99)
Starwars Galaxies (Cost to play for my first month - $49.99)
Ragnarok Online (there wasnt a free trial when I started this one… >_<)
Ragnarok Online Free Server
Lineage II (Cost to play for my first month - $49.99)
Anarchy Online (Cost to play for my first month - $19.99)
Ultima Online Downloaded free trial and played it for about 10 minutes and said fuck this pathetic game.

Games that I kept playing beyond the free trial because it was a good game:
Everquest (Cost to play for my first month - $150.00 after purchasing all the expansions…)
Final Fantasy XI (Cost to play for my first month - $49.99)

SO, if you think I havent payed enough money on MMORPGs to claim that Ragnarok Online isnt worth the money I think you are blowing horse poop from your nose. Ragnarok Online is a good game. In almost every way it reminds me of a decent diablo II style game. However, like most korean MMORPGs, it gets too focused on one aspect to the point of boring the piss out of you by the time you get anywhere good.

The point of the matter is that I’m not playing it anymore TD, geez.

I played on JinRO back in the day. 99 priest, full mvp card set (mistress glasses pharoh dragons helmet) ext ext. Best gear you could possably ever get.

And for what? FOR WHAT? To MVP some other stuff? I had everything.

It was quick and to the point, then I just got bored.

Not to mension that server was laggy to hell. Perfect my ass, iRO was way better on lag. Had I felt like continueing, I probably could have hit 99 as a priest on iRO too… but I duno, I outgrew RO.

And out growing MMORPG is what it all comes down to. Framie found something he likes, that grows at the right speed for him. Other people find that in EQ, or FFXI, or- god forbid- Ruinscape. Sure, alot of MMORPG just suuuuuck shit (prison tale) but if you as a person find that MMO to be right for you, then fuck everyone else.

Unfortunally, some of us, like myself, never find a MMORPG that is right for us, and end up disapointing lots of people when we quit. (Sometimes multiple times.)


Yea. That was fun.

evoRO is better~ punkRO is good too.

That makes me happy, I liked that explanation.

You may think about World of Warcraft, it may be the MMORPG that you are seeking, then again, it may not be… But its worth a shot, Blizzard doesnt make bad games.