Mob Behaviors in FFXI..

Has anyone ever had the time to sit back and watch how certain mobs behave when they arent being agressive ? I was a puller for a party in Dunes the other day, and as i was sneaking up on this group of three goblins, picking out which one to pull, the Tinkerer is casting spells like crazy, things like Blaze Spikes, and Aquaveil, spells like that. But what really got my attention was when this Leecher casts Protect on a Butcher. Has anyone else observed mobs behaving in this semi-intelligent way before ?

I’ve seen it a few times. It’s pretty rare though.

Yes, they have a pretty decent AI programed in to look out for one-another. However, there are certain races that go:

Seraphin attacks forest hare!
other forest hare watches with a blank stare…
Seraphin kills the forest hare!
Seraphin looks at the other forest hare
other forest hare smiles at seraphin confused
Seraphin kills other forest hare…

As you can see, while SOME of the ai is nice… other ai is kinda funny…

From what I’ve seen, WHM-job beastman mobs will always cast defensive spells on other mobs of the same type that have a nearby spawn location. Goblins are probably the best example of this: if 3 regularly spawn at a campfire (fairly common) and one is a WHM, the other two are likely to have protect and shell.

Ya ever wonder if there is someone at a desk controlling certian mobs ?

naw, but have you ever seen the GMs? Some of them look down right badass, and I saw a screen shot of a floating white and gold guy who LOOKED like a summon creature, but was told that it was one of the GMs… Fucking crazy…

i’ve never seen a GM {/cry}

Try an expeditionary force for the best mob intelligence I’ve seen. You spawn a party of mobs with random jobs. We died to a party of Gobs. Mistake #1 - we didn’t kill the Goblin WHM, and it used Raise on the Goblin WAR we killed. Mistake #2 - we killed a Goblin BST’s pet, so it decided to charm one of the WARs in our party, who in turn slaughtered all of us.

Player Characters can be charmed ? Dude, i have gotta advance more !