MMX Command mission

uhh hey guys just wonderin if u can help me with the special figureine machine?

You need Coins for it. You’ll be able go get some up later but use them after you Pick up Nana. You get a Figure from a set that is availible, after so much you’ll loose access to some sets.

Nana, She’s Cute with her Helmit and the white bit I like too…

If you’re referring to the machine that needs Treasure Tokens, you’ll need the “Radar” key item, (gotten from chapter 5, I think?) which allow you to detect Treasure Tokens around areas. Although, to use the “Radar”, you’ll need to plug in a GBA. Never bothered with that… well, not yet.

Also, older figure sets are located in a machine farther in the city, BN… just go past the shopping arcade and the plaza.

Finally, if you’re referring to the machine that needs codes… Well, I have no idea how to get 'em. Yet, at least.

::Edit: Oh s***, I’m so NOT shrining this game…::

To reinforce what has already been said, you need two (2) “Tokens” to get a figurine from the vending machine.

Now, that’s not entirely true, though I did think that myself, at first.

If you go past the first vending machine, past the electrical light-dancing “fountain,” you’ll find another hallway with another vending machine, which sells the older sets of figurines.

On a sidenote, it’s not a bad idea to roam around the city (New Hope/Central Tower, what you want to call it) every chapter after you’ve freed it from the clutches of Wild Jango, because you don’t encounter enemies, you can pick up new treasures, and you get bonuses for talking to people as many times as they have new lines.

I’ve got the PS2 Ver, since I got GC after it. So what about that radar option for PS2?


I think the Radar is only on the GC version. PS2 players got a demo to some game instead.

Demo to MMX8, actually, and you could find treasure tokens as normal things on the map.

no, no i mean the one that needs the passcodes!! i know were all the figurine machines r i just need the passcodes…