MMORPG new is, happy yes?

No clue how these people know my name, but feast your Engrish eyes!

From: Lily <>

Dear Daniel,

This is a mail from Happymmo. We are pleased to introduce oursleves as a new MMORPG in North America and our new title Elf Online which is in beta testing now. We are willing to share our latest news with you and cooperate with you in any form. Please let me know if you have any specific requirement.

About Elf Online
Elf Online is a turn based MMORPG which features for colorful, bright and cheerful game world with comedic quests and funny NPCs. In Elf Online, players assume the role of an adventurer fighting bravly with the King Darkness to save the Dreamland World and the Imaginary Godness. On the way of player’s adventure, they will encounter hundreds of monsters with strong characteristic which may be captured and tamed by players. Five types of pets are available in Elf Online, Soldier type, Agility type, Assistant type, Magic type and the Control type each of which have their specialty and unique skill tree that help you alot both in PK or normal game play. PvP is also a importnt element of Elf Online. Elf Online allow PvP on the condition that the other player accept you challenge. RvR (Realm vs Realm) for the right to control a city is also included in Elf Online which usually takes place on a weekly base. The winner of the usually may have the priority to collect tax from the other player in the city the realm controls.

About Happymmo
Established in october 2007, the high-tech IT company Happymmo has branches in America, Canada, Mainland China, and Australia, whose business is primarily focused on operating free MMORPGs which would allow thousands of players to simultaneity log on to network servers to “role-play” characters in a virtual world.
As a newly established online game orperator, Happymmo are aiming at creating a brand-new online entertainment and living style for global audiences, providing the best services to our members with the concept of “Costomer the First, Service Formost”. Happymmo attaches highly importance to the player’s opinion and suggestions and believes in the player oriented concpt, making Happymmo members the core of the game and decided the future development of the game.
Happymmo is dedicated to develop itself into an interactive entertainment platform bringing as much fun as possible to all its registered members, to ensure all members can interact with thousands of others and enjoy the interactive entertainment content that Happymmo provides.

Looking forward to your reply!
Furthermore, the game introduction and background story attached. Thank you for your viewing in advanced.
May you have a nice day!


And some choice quotes from the “Game Info” document:

Unique Combat System
Elf Online is very different from most other games you ever played in terms of its combat system.Elf Online apply a turn based ATB (Action Time Bar) combat system in which so many tactics are involved. Different professions have different combat skills, such as “Flirting 5” who is good at killing in an instant, “Soldiers 5” who is good at both offensive and defensive, “Scholar 5” who never dies, etc.

“Flirting” is the name of a class? And a class that never dies? O_o

Advanced Transportation System
Cars, tricycles, motors, any transaction vehicle from real life can be found here in Elf Online, even 12 animals featured in Chinese astrology is here. You can ride a dragon or ride a tricycle, it’s not a dream.

Wow, riding a tricycle is not a dream! Go figure!

Funny Pets
Elf Online completely deserted typical powerful animals and birds; instead it uses a lot of tricky pets. Some pets from other movies were employed here; even toilet seat can become a favorable pet.

Um, yeah. Toilet seat pet. Nuff said.

Tricky Quests
Nerer know your quest will be beating a monster to asve the princess or beating the princess to save the monster in her captivity.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Every Changing Game Items and Equipment
Have you heard of items such as “Hitting Glove as soon as I See”, “Expensive braces”, “Ragged T-shirt”, etc? Those items are numerous in the game.

Um, yay?

Crazy Crafting System
What if nobody wants to talk to you because you were dressed too shabby? What if you were chased by boss character due to your inferior weapons? What if you don’t like someone but you can’t beat him/her? Don’t worry, we have a production/forging system that can help: you can make gold pajama, jade toilet brushes, smiley corpse dissolution powder, etc. Those rare items are must to have for a hot date and kill boss characters. They are so funny and surely also make you laugh.

Yeah, laugh, that’s what they’d make me do.

Hilarious NPC
Familiar dialogues from popular movies, “ to be or not to be, is…is…is in Elf Online

'Cause that Hamlet is just ROFL funny, man!

Wow, mommorpaguh spam. I haven’t seen that before … of course, GMail’s spamfilter generally keeps that stuff in my Spam folder, which I generally empty without even looking at most of the subject lines …

Actually, I don’t think it’s spam. My name is Daniel, and they can’t get that from my e-mail address. They probably got it from RPGC somewhere.
Still funny though. 8p

Ask them to send it in Chinese to me so we can figure out what the hell they’re talking about

“In Elf Online, players assume the role of an adventurer fighting bravly with the King Darkness to save the Dreamland World and the Imaginary Godness”

I’m sure this is a metaphor about not falling asleep or staying asleep or something of the kind, but can’t figure it out right now.

I thought that darkness=evil while goddess=usually good, at least more chance of being good then bad. And dreams are usually nice right? So why in the world would a random adventurer fight alongside the king of darkness or evil, basically, to save the dreamworld and the Imaginary Goddess?

They mean “fighting against”.

Hm I thought it was more about fighting with the darkness of repression in trying to demask the imaginary goodness the world is blanketed in, and showing the true real ultimate darkness.

Sounds like a good limit break for one of these “hero with a past” types.

I sure want them Expensive Braces. I always wanted them.