…doesn’t it make you hungry? =D

Well my lunch is gone.
But I don’t know if that’s sick or sad. ::dekar!::

That’s fucking awesome, I’d love to have a house like that. A friend of mine had a pet black widow, too.

Ew ew ew. Ew. Ick. Ew.

Now I’ve got this random crawly feeling.


That is so…ugh…interesting but frigging disgusting.

This wouldn’t have happened if he’da kept dogs like a NORMAL person. ;;>_>

That’s, uh, really lovely. o_O I feel sorry for the cops who had to see that…

We need flamethrowers to nail those things! BURN THEM ALL! ALL OF THEM!

shudders Giant spiders! :eek:
Well, that guy was kinda asking for it…What a way to go.

Man, that sucks. Less people need to be killed by their naturally predatorial pets D:

He must’ve been unusually prone to black widow venom. It’s <em>very</em> uncommon for black widow bites to kill a person now days.

Ugh ugh just EUGH. No. Just no. Thanks for worsening my arachnophobia.

Guys, if you died and your cat or dog was in the house… and there was nobody there to feed them- they wouldn’t waste perfectly good meat. This is not unique to these types of animals- carnivores are carnivores. =p

“hahaha i only like pets with fur cause i like feeling the fur on my skin cause it arouses me”
Sick bastards.

This is precisely the reason(or well i just don’t like creepy crawling things except ladybugs and butterflies of course) why i dislike spiders. I don’t care for snakes or lizards, but i don’t think they scare me too much. Some lizards and snakes can be kinda cute though if well decent size, and i mean about the size of your hand.

You know what’s funny? I eat spiders sometimes. When they get on my nerves, that is. Now I’m scared they’ll take revenge one day.

Lesson learned, always read the comments before looking…

Sounds like he didn’t treat them right.
It was probably taking a nap and then the silly human came and distrubed it by walking by: Of course he got killed. I would have killed him too. *Nod, nod.


I don’t blame them for eating him, though.

@Green Mage: He apparently didn’t receive treatment, which cuts down on the chances of him living.

Yes I saw this at least a month ago, it grossed me out then.