MMMMMM MST3K goodness....

It’s not just for bad science fiction!


That was so funny,i can’t stop laughting. :hahaha;

Haha. Good stuff.

almost funny

About time something like this happened. ^^

I’ve put up a few MST3K eps on my fserv, go watch them.

Mike = Your God.

Do you have the MSTing of “Manos: Hands of Fate”, Pierson? :smiley:

It gets an A. Congratulations.

Late as ever, but it’s MST3K!

That was just hilarious. I actually had these thoughts as I read the tract unriffed (along with a few things I don’t want to mention).

No, curse my bad luck. I have;

Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
Jack Frost

What to Do On a Date
X Marks The Spot (Driving)
Aquatic Wizards (water sports)
A Date With Your Family
What About Juvenile Delinquency?
The Truck Farmer
Why Study Industrial Arts
The Home Economic Story
Robot Rumpus
Creepy Anime Girl (Excel Saga AMV)
I’m Gonna Go Fuck Myself Now (outtake)
Turkey Day '95 (not an actual MST3K, but the bits from between the movie)

and that old classic;

Mr B Natural.

Bwahahaha! That was pretty good.

Nanoo Nanoo!!

Big Nutter
I’ve only seen the Movie (twice, cos ITV showed it)

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