Mmm yeah, thats what I'm talk'm bout!

Kind of old news, but its looking better than the old pics of it. I wonder if they’ll ever bring it to the US.


Must . . . save . . . for . . . college . . . education.

350$ no way.

Want to buy it for me?

I’d rather just buy a normal GCN because I already have a dvd player anyways

That’s awesome…but the price is…

Originally posted by Darkil
That’s awesome…but the price is…


<img src=“”> Meh, I already have a GCN and a DVD player. I’m not gonna shell out 350 bucks just to get something I already have. Chances are that the DVD player has region restriction anyway.


So whats it say in English?

I think I’ll pass, for a couple a reason:

a) I already have a DVD player.
b) I don’t have that sort of cash.
c) I already have the only console I will ever need (well until the next generation comes out) a PS2!

Well at apart from it sounds realy cool, and YbcA!

Those who have a PS2 have a DVD player. If Nintendo wanted to do this they should have done it when the NCB was released although I have to say it looks awesome.

Well, I’ve a GC, but we have a regional free DVDplayer too.
So nothing like that for me…

Ah… the Q… that would’ve been so cool if it’d been released outside of Japan (nice & silver too :wink: ). Pity, really, but as pointed out, the price would’ve sucked :frowning:

…Ill be right, Already have 5 DVD playing devices in the house :stuck_out_tongue:
Ps2, Ps2, Comp, laptop, DVD player in rumpas room, and the DVD player at the other end of the house.

Edit: Wow, i cant count… 6