Mm, tentacles...

Well, not exactly RPG related (can’t recall when that last stopped anybody, though), but lately I’ve been starting to draw a comic based on two things:

  1. Jak and Daxter
  2. The tendency by some fanartists to draw Jak and Daxter as mermaids now and then.

It might not make much sense if you haven’t played the games, but let’s just say that most of these characters are no-nonsense, tough sombitches who won’t flinch to fight centipedes of the size of a train. And that Erol, due to a few odd pieces of dialogue (“I would have LOVED to kill you in prison, but now it’ll be much more fun to take you on the racetrack, in front of the whole city!”, “It’s not just about winning, eco freak. I want YOU!”) is very often depicted as a total fruitbowl and/or a rapist. A couple of the pictures are rated as mature, but it’s mainly due to the mental images. Nothing graphic, really. Trust me though, there are a few people in this fandom who needs such warnings ^^;;

Step forwards cautiously…

Part one, page one.

Part two, page one.
New page as of yesterday.

And may the Lord have mercy on my soul…

Err, please do note that the anatomy is a bit flunked, especially in the first pic. I’m kinda rediscovering my people-drawing skills with this one.

Oh yeah, these pictures.

I’ve seen them before, and even though I haven’t played the games it still makes me smile evilly when I think of what the characters must be going through at that moment. Heheheh… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cute in P3 bottom No1…


I’d say get out more, even if it’s the Chippy, I’d recomend Mine but your too far…

Absolutely hilarious!

I have made another page, and my right hand is DEAD.
Magus is starting to think he was lucky to have passed as my favorite character while I was still a teensy weesy Evil-in-Training. But hey, in the new page things get better.

… and then the page of time shall turn… :mwahaha: