MKDS Rules and submission info

Ok, so, since I’ve gotten only one submission, thanks Dev :stuck_out_tongue: way to be banned from the forums and be the ONLY person to apply, I thought I’d try again with a better thread.

First off how to enter the tourny:

  1. Send me an e-mail at

  2. In the e-mail provide your Friends Code, nick name and tell me when would be best for your to be in a match. And if you have a specific character you play as then include that as well. Also include your selection for a track in your first match.

  3. Have the e-mail sent to me by the 13th of January at the absolute latest.

Tourny Info:

The Tourny will consist of three rounds. The first involving however many races of 4 that numbers allow. The first round will see either the first and second finishers advancing or the top 3 advancing depending on numbers. If numbers disallow we’ll try to have a minimum of two matches of three racers with the top two racers going onto the finals.

By supplying me with a listing of what times would be good for you I’ll be able to schedule the matches so everyone who enters can participate. There will be one round a day so you’ll have plenty of time to practice.

Tourny Rules:

  1. Both ROB and his karts are disallowed. While he gives no heavy advantage, his high stats are hard to deal with if you’re less skilled/ a newby.

  2. Anyone who purposely lags to avoid attacks from other characters and to use the random jumping to further their position in the race will be disqualified.

  3. Snaking is also illegal and anyone doing it will be disqualified. (For those of you who don’t know what snaking is it’s a method of drift-boosting at pretty much all times and is extremely unfair.)

Other then that everything is fair game. So if someone would please sticky this?

Count me out of the tournament then, snaking is an integral technique and making it ‘illegal’ makes the race dependant on sheer item luck and mild skill alone. You wouldn’t call a guy using 22 hit combos in a fighting game he played for months ‘fair’ either, but nothing makes those illegal.

Count me out as well, these are retarded rules. In order for a ban to be justified, it needs to be enforceable and warranted. How the fuck are you gonna enforce people not to lag? How the fuck is banning an actual strategy that anyone can use warranted? I’m just gonna assume you can’t snake yourself so you bitch about it (I can’t snake either, mind you.) And ban a character because he’s hard to beat if you’re new to the game. Wow. Brilliant tournament, really.

Snaking is an insane amount of advantage. You don’t like it then fine. Fuck y’all and fuck the tournament. And it ain’t my goddamned fault that you’re not good enough racing normally and you have to rely on a method of playing that gives an incredibly unfair advantage against people who don’t know how to snake.

If it was unfair, it wouldn’t be implemented into the game. But what do I know?

Yep, I’m out, not only is R.O.B and his karts not cheap at all. Snaking should be clearly legal.

Honeslty, I don’t know how to snake well, but instead of fucking pouting about it i’m actually trying to learn how to do it. People won’t be able to do it to me for an instant win forever! Snaking was put into the game and nintendo knew about it, so I do not see a problem with it.

Note that I cannot snake, am too lazy to teach myself how to snake, and as such don’t rely on it to win. If you don’t know how to drive don’t compete.

There’s also not really much to be good at without snaking.

To my knowledge, MKDS is the first MK that snaking has been in. I might be wrong on that, so if I am, disregard it. But why would Nintendo make such a largely-impacting change to the tried and true franchise? Not that I’m bitching about snaking, it just seems odd that they’d decide to add it. I’m not saying it’s the only change made, but it certainly is the most noticable.

Let’s add another rule, shall we?

  • The use of an item is an instant ban. I mean, it is a clear disadvantage for new players. They don’t know the full uses of the items. Therefor, all items should be banned.

I have never played Mario Kart DS, but I played Double Dash on the gamecube, and if I am understanding “snaking” right. It was in double dash. Is snaking where you turn and you get the red sparks then the blue sparks and it makes you faster?



edit; no Belmont, snaking is using the boost you just mentioned everywhere on the track i.e. starting off at the left side, using the boost and ending up on the right, then using the boost again to get you back to the left. You basically boost through the whole map. It’s quite hard to learn to do effectively and Jango clearly can’t do it either or he wouldn’t want it banned.

I have yet to pick up a bullet bill and as such do not know what it does.

I’m glad to see we could sufficiently freak out at eachother for small retarded things.

I’m not bothered by the argument about snaking, I’m bothered by Ori being called on this dumb rule and somehow deciding the rest of us were somehow worse players because we wanted to use a valid tactic that needed skill and experience to do.

I’m glad I could pretend to be above all that

Clearly the makers of a video game would never include something that makes the game worse for anyone. Everything in a game makes it more fun for everyone involved.

It’s a feature!

Seriously, the simple fact that MKDS players think that snaking is illegal is laughable… It’s part of the game and should be used to attain a higher level of skill within the game. I believe in the Sirlin way of playing and I quote: “Win by any means necessary as long as it is within the parameters of the game… unless there’s a useful exploit! :P”

Basically you calling Snaking an illegal way of playing makes you a noob player that will never be able to see beyond your own limits simply because you do not want to explore the limits of the game… or maybe you’re afraid to go the distance. In any case, like most people say, if it was illegal or exploitation then Nintendo would have never implemented it in the first place.

Anyways, myself and Zero play with two other people at work and we all snake and it’s all in good fun… so in my honest opinion, organizing a tournament which bans Snaking or R.O.B (what advantages does he have?! none that i’ve seen except for his weight… but in online play weight is not taken into consideration since most of the time players go through each other because of latency differences) makes it unfair for more skilled players who are actually good… you might take in a couple of people into your tournament but no skilled player is stupid enough to enter a tournament with those set of rules!

Sorry, but it had to be said!

Edit: Also I think the fact that everyone who had previously agreed to enter the tournament decided to retire proves to you that you bullshit rules… My only advice to you is to not be taken in by popular beliefs… in this case the general nintendo playboy population. Have your own opinion of the game and get better at it!!

And like how some older FPS games allow players to fight more effectively by jumping around like gummy bears! Clearly it was put in the game for a reason! The developers wanted players to fight like they were riding magic pogo sticks. It makes the game better. Same with weaving back and forth on straightaways. Never mind that it makes it much harder to use the newly enhanced draft boosting and makes what is supposed to be a somewhat casual game into a frustrating hyper competitive one.

If you want to play casual, play casual. Nobody is stopping you. Just don’t expect to beat people that are actually good and know how to maximise their chances of winning, and sure as hell don’t start a tournament which is all about competing.

I’m up for casual gaming, but I’m not gonna pull any punches whenever it comes to serious competition, no matter the game. That is how you win, not by dicking around in a little “wah unfair stop throwing stop snaking stop rocket launcher no balance no skill” circlejerk with the rest of those that lack the skills to win.