MK3 Movie Scheduled for 2006?

What is happening to Movie Directors and goddam producers in 2006!!!

They’re even making Big Momma 2, Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction, The Fast and The Furious 3 and even Final Destination 3, it seems they are just running out of Ideas…


Dear god why?!?!?! Are they trying to kill us or something with horribleness?

Maybe one day the directors will learn!

The first one was really cool. Many trilogys have been made, and the 2nd one almost always sucks but the 3rd one makes up for it. I’m kinda looking foreward for this.


I think I may have missed it… an Asian Film, too.

I am so goin to sell my stories.

The first movie is generally regarded as one of the most succesful adaptations of any video game movie; it at least tried to follow the game’s plot, it didn’t throw characters in for fanservice (although Kano had only twenty minutes of screen time), and was one of those so cheesy, it’s great kind of movies.

The second one was a waste of matter. Characters jumped out of nowhere to fight each other, they didn’t show Stryker getting killed, the acting was even worse, they didn’t show Stryker getting killed, the special effects and plot were shit, and they didn’t show Stryker getting killed. Hell, if they had just showed Reptile ripping Stryker’s spine out, I would have given the movie four stars!

I’m not really looking forward to a third movie. None of the writers will take their work seriously, the actors will be hired off the street, and they’ll have to find themselves another villain, and considering the only ones left are the incredibly pathetic Shinok and the total wuss that was Onaga, they have their work cut out for themselves.

To bad Bridgette Wilson is probably to old to be in it. She was a good Sonya.

:moogle: On the villain thing they can always use Qaun Chi.

<A HREF=“”>2006</A> <A HREF=“”>won’t</A> <A HREF=“”>be</A> <A HREF=“”><I>all</I> bad…</A>

Of course, any one of those could end up being bad. Heck, they could all end up bad. Before 2006 even starts, we’ll have the Doom movie to consider. Yay.

Yay! A new Clerks movie!

:moogle: Yay Metroid! another loved game for directors to destroy. T_T

I don’t care if the other five are bad, but if they mess up Metroid… I don’t even want to think about it.

WHY MUST IT BE A HYSTERICAL MOTHER IN SILENT HILL!? Oh, sorry. Cheap screams and boobs. >_>;

Personally, Silent Hill (and Clerks, whenever it actually comes out) are the only two that I’m really holding out hope for. I’d like RE3 to be good, too, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it wasn’t.

Metroid is the only one I’m really looking forward to seeing. Just as long as they don’t turn Samus into Lara “Boobs and guns combo” Croft that is…


Well, let’s see, unless they just retcon MK:A, this movie sucks. Scorpion is fucked up. Reptile is fucked up. Jade is dead, and was fucked up when she was alive. Cage is dead.
I was hoping for a Batman Begins type of movie, making up for the other two both not being very good, and also for not following the games’ story too well, at all, and restarting the series on a good note at the same time.

I’ve got an even better idea! Why don’t they just give all the money they were going to blow on this MK movie to whoever’s working on the sequel to Batman Begins! That’d be awesome…so awesome that I’d go see the movie in my boxers. While I have a chubby. And let it hang out.

cool, another movie to go see. There were some other movies off that link that are coming out soon, like ghost rider. That will be awesome.

I think a good MK movie will be better than a good Batman movie. Now, if only anyone was going to make a good MK movie.

Man, Batman could own the entire roster of MK characters, and you know it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rember, there are exceptions. <i>Alien</i> was a fantastic horror movie, <i>Aliens</i> was a fantastic action/horror movie, and <i>Alien 3</i> was a crappy horror movie, a crappy action movie, and a mezzo-mezzo prison movie, and the most polished bad movie Roger Ebert had ever seen, <b><i>all at the same time!</i></b> while this is an achievement, there was no crapass predecessor to make <i>Alien 3</i> look good, which <i>MK: Annihilation</i> will doubtless do for MK3.

Wow, <i>Metroid in 2006</i>? They don’t even have a cast yet. I hide my eyes and wait, as Frameskip will doubtless drag Jo the Mighty and I to the theater for it. Besides, I suppose it’s our duty as gamers to be present to watch our gods die.