Anyone know if there will be any differences in the Mortal Kombat deception game for the PS2 and gamecube? If so, what differences will there be? Anything worth waiting another week to get it on the gamecube as opposed to the PS2 since it’s been out on the PS2 for a few months now?

The graphics on GC’s version is a lot better, and Shaokan and Goro(forgot his name) will be unlockable.

It will be mein!!!

And since I have a GC, I will wait the week for MK: Deception

They should have Mario, Luigi and Peach as characters in the Gamecube version.

I mean, they did it for NBA Street V3, why not Mortal Kombat?

Well…geez, don’t you think it’ll scar a few kids seeing Mario or Yoshi getting their heads bit off? Or perhaps, their dead getting smashed in with gore galore?