MK:DS Friend Help

Hey, I’m kinda new to the DS wifi stuff, and I set up a match with 3 of my friends. I gave them my code and I registered theirs. This is the question: is it possible for them, having more than 3 friends registered, to pick just us 3 for a race? I know it sounds confusing, but I don’t want to get online tommorrow to find out that it’s impossible. I had asked this question on GameFAQs, but the flip-head mods deleted my thread, saying it was “off-topic”. Made me so mad… Anyways, any help is appreciated.

No. As stupid as this seems, you have to go to ‘friends match’ at the same time they do, then search for them and hope it finds only the friends you want to play with.

That really stinks. At least I have the biggest chance of racing them becuase they’re the only ones on my roster. That really sucks. Thanks, Devillion.