Miyazaki backdrops

They’re fucking amazing, huh? I think we need a thread devoted solely to their worship.

Think Princess Mononoke’s scenery. You don’t find that kind of detail anywhere else, you just DON’T. It’s like they animated real life.

<a href=“http://pchounet.free.fr/WP/Princess%20Mononoke%208.jpg”><img src=“http://pchounet.free.fr/WP/Princess%20Mononoke%208.jpg” width=“582” height=“400” border=“0”></a>

That’s what I’m fucking talking about, kids. Click the thumbnail to zoom in and see it in it’s full splendor.

Apart from the rocks that look pretty fake, yeah, that’s damn good.

I can’t help but believe that Miyazaki is overrated, I feel the reason the backgrounds seem so beautiful is that the stories being told bring out the childish aspects of our imaginations and appeal to them, which makes us give the art more respect than it is due after all there are thousands of artists capable of producing landscape to that standard and higher.

I don’t think that makes him over-rated, It is his purpose to create that imagination so we feel that way about the world he creates. I consider it good execution of an idea

I agree, I also adore Miyazaki. But what I meant before was as stand alone images his work simply doesn’t have the same effect and if you came from the standing point of someone who hasn’t seen the films, the pictures wouldn’t affect you as much as someone who had. Hence his backdrops are overrated in the sense that people who have seen (and enjoyed) the films will bring bias into their judgement of the artwork and make it out to be more than it is.

I agree with that. The whole “context” idea of art was always so confusing to me, but the older I grow the more and more I believe in the importance and effectiveness of it.

The capacity to be stand alone doesn’t define art’s worth. In fact, I challenge you to find a worthy piece of art that is completely stand alone.

The connections we make in our minds are the essence of the art, especially if “there are thousands of artists capable of producing landscape to that standard and higher.” Like Hypharse said, it’s nothing more or less than good execution of an idea. The Mona Lisa isn’t worth millions (billions?) because it’s a quality piece of art. Think about it.

I don’t understand why bringing bias into one’s opinion of the piece makes it overrated. Isn’t bias just exclusive knowledge interpreted in such a way as to make something more valuable to a particular person? If that’s true, then nothing is being overrated. It’s being correctly rated in the context of one’s emotions and nostalgia.

You don’t find that kind of detail anywhere else, you just DON’T.

I was really referring to these kinds of comments, obviously everyone’s perspective will bring the bias of their own experiences etc. that’s what an opinion is, but what you said here puts the picture on a level it really doesn’t belong on. Taking your example of Mona Lisa, even though I personally don’t like The Mona Lisa, it’s futile to even remotely compare the two. This is what I meant when I said I think that people overrate Miyazaki.

Heh. I should have clarified. I meant in the animation world. Even Gainax would have trouble emulating the level of detail Miyazaki puts into everything he does.

But of course you’re going to find more detail in the fine arts and photography. I can’t even pretend to disagree with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I quite liked the Mona Lisa…it had…depht. At least, that’s what I thought. I much preferred it to the others in the room.
Only thing I expected was for it to be bigger.

There needs to be more fluffy, happy clouds and happy trees.

Thanks Gunsmoke for the Bob Ross flashback :p.

Funny you should say that. He has an entire movie devoted to that.

I love the details in his movies. The characters movements and the backgrounds are just mesmerizing.