Mission: Impossible 3

Coming on May 2006.

I liked M:I, didn’t like M:I2.


Tom Cruise is fucking insane.

Yeah, plus I don’t like the acting of the guy who’s doing the main villain. And it looks like it’s going to be a MI:2 II (if that’d ever be possible).

I just remember 2 having a ridiculously complicated plot.

Shouldn’t you be taller than 5’3" if you’re going to be a spy?

Yeah, I didn’t like MI2, but this one looks pretty good, on the basis that his hair is short. First one, good movie; short hair. Second one, bad movie; long hair.

I like it when Spock was in it… (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060009/)

The villian is what Bill Gates would be if he unleashed his secret army of evil.

And shouldn’t international secret agents be perpetually 30?

I should say that’s it forgettable, but since I saw it again maybe two years ago and I still remember the plot, I can’t say that. I think you’ve got it twisted around though. The first Mission Impossible might require two viewings to follow it. The second one doesn’t.