Has anyone else seen the trailer for this movie?

I was completely blown away when I saw it. I honestly haven’t seen any of Neil Gaiman’s works (other than Good Omens, which he cowrote with Terry Pratchett), but I have never seen any movie remotely resembling this. Just…wow.

Nope…never heard of it.


I wasn’t asking for information (I posted a link myself). I just wanted to get people’s reactions to it.

Wow, very interesting. The thing I’ve seen in real life that best resembles a dream.

oops…Well the movie seems very surreal, and it’s like those Medieval Tales. Seems like a interesting idea for a movie, as it’s never done before.


Yeah, I’ve been reading about that and Anansi Boys in Neil’s Journal…Mirrormask looks pretty awesome. If I remember correctly, there may be a Wolves in the Walls movie coming out sometime.