I hadn’t written anything in a long time, but I finally wrote another sonnet today. Tell me what you think:

I’m holding a mirror in front of my eye.
I’m trying to look forward and backward,
But it’s hard. Sometimes I don’t know if I
Am facing the right way. Things that occurred
Already happen again and again,
Making me wonder what path I’m walking;
A circle? A line with two dead ends? When
This distracts me, I still can’t help longing
to return to walking, willingly blind.
Would it be better to wander blindly,
Without holding a mirror to remind
Me of things that have happened already?
I’m torn between things that already were,
And possibilities of the future.


Very nice work! The ‘surface’ story is very easy to understand about the speaker and his mirror. My interpretation is that the person is continually second-guessing themselves, or mulling over things that have already happened and therefore can’t be changed. Either way, because they’re too busy trying to reassure themselves about the past they cannot fully enjoy the future. But they do seem to realize how this is reducing their happiness, as they long to change and be able to focus on the future.

I really enjoyed this one! It also had a bit of a lighter tone than the others. At least from my point of view, it did.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks. You’ve interpreted it well: the speaker is trying to exist in a state of perpetual awareness of everything that’s happened in his past and that’s happening in the present. Near the end, he wonders what it would be like not only to release his awareness of the past, but also the present; to shift from his melancholy awareness to a sanguine naivete.

Oh, in the middle the speaker wonders about the path he’s walking: whether it’s a “circle”, or a “line with two dead ends”. I wrote a poem tonight that’s based on that idea. I’ll post it in a few minutes. I like it more than all the rest of my poems; let me know what you think ^_^.