Mirage of Blaze


I watched this with Jing yesterday, and I’d just like to say… what just happened?

It didn’t help that we had to make do with the really, REALLY bad dub, but even so, this anime suffered severely from too much content. There were characters all over the place, and their past selves in flashbacks, and spirits possessing people, and exorcists, and demon dogs randomly multiplying and people more or less making up powers on the spot (though they had somewhat valid explanations), and the most gender confused men I’ve seen since Flea… dear lordy.

Despite that, though, it was an absolute hoot. ESPECIALLY because of the dub. There was an attempted-seduce scene that was so horribly dubbed that what would have been dramatic turned hilarious.

If you’ll forgive me for using fanfic terms, the would-be (he never got that far) seme (yes, it was boy on boy… or would have been) was about as graceful with his advances as a fridge. His reaction to seeing the object of his affection rendered into a rather pissed off spirit floating in front of him was, for example, to crumble on his knees, crying, and shouting “no, I won’t deny this love. YOU’RE MINE! MINE ALONE!”.
Smooth. Smooooth. Add that said object of affection was supposed to be his sovreign lord reborn.

Also, there is no place, time or situation that excuses the phrase “You want me to submit to you, don’t you?”. Especially not when said with such a bland tone. AUGH PAIN. Bring me the heads of the translator and voice actors!

And they kept talking about Nobunaga Oda but he never showed up :frowning: That made me a sad camper. I’m not playing the Onimusha games for the story (but the corny dialogue is hysterical), but it still would have been fun to see the badguy from those games in other versions.