Miracle Mouse

I’ve always found the idea that animals can regrow their blood and tissues fascinating. This article is about some sort of mutant mouse that can regrow its limbs, ears, tail, and even its fucking heart.

Want some cornbread, Mr. Jingles?

We’re doomed!

That’s krazy with a k.

Kinda like zombies. “DESTROY THE BRAIN! THE BRAIN!”

Amazing. Simply amazing.

I don’t presume to begin to understand how this was done. Neither do I know if it is indeed real. In the event that it is, I have a vague idea what inspired scientists’ research and how their inspiration worked. But I have no clue how they went around the obstacles that made it so that their inspiration worked when mammals such as ourselves didn’t have that property. If this is real, this will be revolutionary.

Thanks for sharing Sin Jr.

Have they attempted to bond the mice’s skeletons to adamantium yet? I’d like to know if they can be made to develop retractable metal claws.

What if you cut its head of?

I’m not impressed. We come from creatures like sponges, who will regrow multiple whole bodies if tore apart, so it’s possible we have the genes for such regrowth capabilities. Why we evolved without this capacity, however, is debatable. I’ve read about it, and there is one hypothesis which I think makes sense.

As said in the article, the mouse’s cells live and die faster than usual. That means the mouse has a fast metabolism. He uses up much more energy than regular mice to survive. So, it’s probable that animals lost their regeneration abilities during evolution so that they could save energy. While regeneration may help a creature survive harsh conditions, its viability is greatly dependant on the amount of energy the creature can gather from the environment.

In common language, it is like saying that we can’t do what that mouse does because keeping this “power” was too expensive for our ancestors to mantain.

Now, the mouse can regrow nerves, but can’t repair a damaged brain. It’s implied, then, that they experimented with the poor creature’s head, and as a result they have a regenerating-capable Pinky. I can’t help but daydream about a Brain with (insert some super-power that can cause severe personal injuries), or the poor mouse becoming the favorite pet of Family Addam’s uncle Lester.

Ren : no.

Alright, I am sure it’s more probable that you are right than anything I may have read somewhere else, but please, elaborate further.

I’m not being sarcastic, I’m really interested in learning more about it.

Wow. Neat. Wish I could do that…

Damn that’s cool.

“The only organ that did not grow back was the brain.”

It’s a Highlander mouse. The scientists have already ordered adorable little swords for the mice to use.

Cool …that is if it is not some childish prank.Ill be the first in line for the miracle syrum! now I can sword fight with the swords in the attic instead of random stix i find i find.

hahaha. Enough said.

I’m definetly for any kind of research on things that could help us in the future, but that’s some freaky shit.

Well, <a href=“http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/09/01/0035245&tid=99&tid=14”>Slashdot’s finally picked up the story</a>, although they credit it to Australian researchers (explanation in the comments). They’ve got a pretty good discussion going, though.

If any of you are annoyed by my routinely posting Slashdot links, I’m sorry. I find it’s a good place to find extra stuff for discussion, and often a user will reproduce the entire text of an article or post a mirror when a server goes down due to the dreaded “<a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot_effect”>Slashdot effect</a>” takes hold.