Minor Nethack quandary...

I am a level 18 samurai somewhere in Gehennom. I have a wand of wishing (1:0) or 1 wish left. I can’t think of anything worth wishing for. My major possessions are as follows: (you may safely assume that all are blessed and fooproof)

+6 (lucky accident) grey dragon scale mail
+4 gauntlets of power
+4 helm of brilliance
+2 t-shirt
+4 cloak of protection
+0 speed boots
+0 levitation boots
+2 Excalibur
+3 Frost Brand
+0 katana
Amulet of reflection
Bag of Holding
25 potions of holy water
A blessed magic marker
Assorted wands and rings

I have been rather gluttonous, and so have all the intrinsics you can eat, less teleportitis. I have also been quite lecherous, now having 269 max hp due to consorting with nurses and succubi.

Save the wish of course, you’ll find a situation where you need a specific item soon enough. Also use your magic marker to enchant up frost brand, the speed boots, and maybe the katana if you plan on dual wielding that. Don’t forget to bless your BoH.

forget I asked. I screwed up, prayed in gehennom, discovered that intrinsic disintegration resistance could not save my gdsm, boots, cloak, and helm from a wide angle disintegration beam. I tried to continue with my back up gdsm that I actually killed for (the first came from a lucky first floor water demon wish), but alas I am dead. yes I was dualing the katana. I have an old save of this run on my flash drive from when I transferred it from home to here, but I don’t think I wanna savescum, even if it is back 15 or so levels. I even had a back up amulet of reflection that I found. the katana was +2 till it got in a fight with a disenchanter. Moloch is an asshole.

Needless to say, this was easily my best run in months. Usually Ashikaga hacks me in half with the ToM.