Minor itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny computer difficulty...

I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but don’t think that you’re safe just yet! I still have need of you people.

I’m having a bit of a problem with my firewall in Windows XP. I’m pretty sure it’s an internal one, because I’ve had the same problem accessing stuff at both home and at college. The main indicator that I have one is the way it’s preventing me from connecting with Kagon to play Baldur’s Gate. And the official troubleshooting instructions tell me to select the connection, go to profile, then to advanced, and turn off the firewall. Only problem is, when I go to “profile”, there is no “advanced” tab or menu. Which means I’m left without a clue of what to do. This is where I turn to you people. Please cast some computer magic to make all my worries go away. :smiley:

If you go into “Network Connections” (do so from the control panel) and right click on your connection and select properties, the second tab at the top of the window that opens up should be “Advanced”. Turn off the fire wall from there. I think you may just be looking in the wrong place. And as a general rule, the XP firewall sucks royally, turn it off and get a new one (I can provide if need be :P)

Turn it off until they release Windows XP Service Pack 2. They greatly improve it there. Even add the ability to open ports!

He was saying that there is no advanced tab- that’s what the instructions told him to do, but the tab wasn’t there.