Minimum Age?

I’m currently doing an assignment in Legal Studies, about Marriage and Marital Law, and was wondering what is the minimum age someone can get engaged? I haven’t been able to find this anywhere! Only that Marriage is 18min.
Australia specific preferably!


Um. The minimum age someone can get engaged? What’s the minimum age you have to be to make a promise?

That meaning?
Informative answers are always the best type I’ve found…


I don’t think there is a minimum age, since being engaged has no legal effects as far as I know. It’s just an intention to get married at some later time.

Uh-hahh… thanks!
But I’d still like concrete evidence… links or whatever. Not trying to drain your time searching for me of course!


If you want concrete evidence, open your big book o’ laws.

There is no minimum engagement age, period. It is an act that has completely no footing in the law. It’s not even a neccesary act to get married. Notice Las Vegas.

Las Vegas… ahhh. :wink:

Haha, thanks though! - just the only book o’ laws I have is dated in 1926… haha!


Um, i know in this state theres an interesting loophole concerning statitory rape, where you can marry as young as age 12, but thats with parental concent. 18 though for self-decision mutial marrage.

It’s like everyone said, engagement doesn’t have a minimum age since there is no legal aspect to it. However, asking us to find a law (if such one even exists, which is EXTREMELY doubtful), is just insane. There are so many places to look ti would take a long time to do on our own and if it is just to give you an answer, then it is sort of a waste of time. We’d have to go looking through state law, federal law, case law, and check other regulations.

The best I can do without actually do the work for you is to point you in the right direction. - It’s got a bunch on information on all kinds of law. - If there is a case you want to check, this has the easiest version to understand.

There is another site that is pretty good, but I’ll have to look up the link, but Find Law should have all that you need.

EDIT: I just noticed the Australia part and that is going to make things harder since we don’t have as easy of access to your law books or know how your system works as well (which will require more research). Why do you need to know at such a young age? I can’t imagine a teacher requiring you to find this information. I mean, finding a law and then building a case around it is something you’d do in law school which comes after you already have your Bachelors. If it is because you want to get engaged to somebody, then this opens up a whole other discussion. Even then, you could get engaged and the most that would happen is your parents, school, and maaybe church would get involved and tell you not to, but you wouldn’t go to jail or get fined or anything.

Just go with what you have found on marriage so far. Also, martial law doesn’t have any relation to marriage, so that is kind of a weird assignment to do it on marriage and martial law.

I don’t know if this counts, but don’t certain religions (I don’t want to misname, so I’ll leave it at that) have pre-arranged marriages that are agreed to at really young ages?

Not so much as it used to be, especially in Western countries, but sure, there are often prearranged marriages. That’s more where the parents arrange the wedding of the children, though, not where the children get engaged to each other.

He said marital law, not martial law.

So I miss read, big deal.

Ignroe my part about martial law then Ninten.

Infonick, I wasn’t meaning to ask anyone to find a law, as I said earlier, just asking if anybody had any extra insight… which, thank you all! did.