I just recently discovered this group and wondered has anyone here heard of a band called Minibosses? They do insanely awesome covers of songs from classic NES games like Megaman 2 and Double Dragon.

There live performance of the Castlevania 2 main theme is so good it almost brings me to… :bowser:

Can find more info on them and also check out a few sample tracks here.

Very, very old news. And I’m still not impressed since it’s not really all that interesting to listen to. Since it’s pretty much just a rocked out version of the old 8-bit tune. Sure, if they’d done something cool with them I’d be impressed and think “Wow, fucking kick ass.” but it’s pretty much “Hmm, thats interesting…ok, appeal gone.” then I delete the tracks. Not to mention the music is pretty repetitive and thats not their fault.

They’re not bad. I’ve been to a couple of their shows too. I’m not so much into them anymore. If you want to hear something similar by another decent group, try the NESkimos.

I think the premise is really, really cool.

I think the band is really, really not that good.

I think they sound much better live than on the studio tracks. Although I don’t really like polished sounding music to begin with so maybe I’m a slightly bias. Some of the songs are repetitive, honestly though I’ll never get tired of the Megaman covers which are probably my favorite 8-bit tunes of all time. Not the greatest band in the world by any stretch but I think as a game music novelty type of group they’re pretty decent.

Never heard of the NESkimo’s I’ll have to check them out. Theres also another game cover band called The Advantage. There music is so so but still cool to listen to if you wanna hear some classic game covers.

I think they are fucking awesome. Not my favourite video game band though, that would be The Black Mages. \m/

I think they’re pretty good. I like their versions of Mega Man 2 and Castlevania.

Their FF7 Jenova Theme is really good too.

The Black Mages are not very good. Only part of their first CD is listenable.

Whatever, I enjoy it. I like the guitar solos, and I think most of the songs sound almost better with real instruments. Although I think the FF2 song is kind of weak. I don’t remember it sounding that slow. My other complaint is the butchered bassline in “Battle With Gilgamesh”, man what’s up with that? Other than that, I think their first album is great, especially the FF8 boss battle theme… oh man is that song ever awesome!

I agree the guitar is often very good and I agree about the FF8 boss track. I just hate their use of techno in a lot of the tracks. If I could cut some of the random techno insertions, it’d make some of the songs phenomenally better.

The 2nd CD is just BAD.

As far as The Minibosses go, I should be more specific - live or recorded wouldn’t make any difference to me. What really slays them in my opinion is that their drummer is godawful. I’d know; I’m a drummer, and I’ll even go as far as to say I’m certainly a better drummer than that guy.

I loved the Minibosses Live, but on CDs, it really is not the same.

SSH is better than any other VGM band. But the NESkimos are pretty good too.

The Black Mages are a band I will actually go out of my way to avoid :frowning:

For once, we agree on something.

Good god damn I hate their new CD. The vocals are pure shit :frowning: