Minesweeper question...

… how the fuck is this possible?

<img src=“http://cala.nulani.net/images/wtf.JPG”>

The topleft corner.

There are no numbers surrounding it, so you can’t say if there will be mine there or not. If that happens again just put a ? on the space and see if it’s the last mine remaining to go

Aren’t all mines s’posed to be next to a number?

o_O weird.

They normally are, but they don’t have to be. The placement is random.

Ah… Minesweeper. My hated nemesis.

Cala, just where did you read that every mine has to be next to a number? I’ve already seen a mine surrounded by 8 mines.

By the way, my record for the specialist level is 331 seconds. I’m pretty sure some people here have already done better, but still I’d like to see everybody’s records.

I got 139 on Expert.

I’ve gotten down to 412 sec. I hate this game so much.

Apprentice. <3

Then get on EFnet on IRC and join #apprentice

I’m there as Cala. Or use AIM. TheMobileCorner

My brother got 99. I got 201.

I Hte this Game… And I am too laz/drunk to fix any typos…In additoin to not smoking, I will not kay play Mineswee per for all of 2K5 hahahhahaha…,…

Its happened to me. This is a sign that you should be more careful taking spots blindly. I always keep those for last. If I actually beat it, then it’ll be obvious as to whether or not its a mine.

Yeah, that isn’t abnormal at all.