Million Dollar Pterry

Terry Pratchett gives a million bucks to Alzheimer’s Research Trust and is pissed about low levels of funding.

Pratchett said he took “more supplements than the Sunday papers”
His wit seems unaffected for now at least.
“I have a rare variant. I don’t understand very much about it, but apparently if you are going to have Alzheimer’s it’s a good one to have. So, a stroke of luck there then.”

Man… what a classy guy. Obviously being filthy rich is a great help if you want treatment, so it’s sad that those who don’t have his resources are up the creek without a paddle. But he’s always had a sort of self-deprecating humor which, quite frankly, is the best possible way to deal with these sorts of tragedies.

Also, this line is awesome:

You can’t write books when you are dead, unless your name is L Ron Hubbard.

Money not going to research?! Really? You don’t say…

I’m surprised that more money isn’t going into research, given that we have an aging population of Baby Boomers. I would have thought that they would have been pouring millions into research against any disease of age. Maybe they’re too busy clinging onto the illusion of their youth to consider the fact that they are aging.

Everyone’s too concerned about giving tax cuts to rich people than to realize that they need to invest into their own well being. That or money gets diverted out of NIH to fund useless anthrax vaccine stockpiles like a few years ago.

You forget, the oldest baby-boomers are 61-62, only just beginning to enter old age. The vast majority are still in their 50s. Once Baby-boomers actually start feeling their age, you can bet they’ll demand money get put into research for stuff like this. High taxes be damned.

Maybe that’s when we’ll see some action on stem cell research, too.

Actually, it struck me that a lot of Baby Boomers must already be seeing the effects of aging: via their parents. The Boomer parent population must be 70-90, well within the Altzheimers age group.

Personally, I wouldn’t depend on the government to fund these things. As Sinistral pointed out, too often money gets diverted to useless causes. Or, politics derails everything. Maybe I’m just senselessly naive, but I think privately run charitable foundations are the best hope for seeing research money delivered into the right hands. (Enjoys moment of fluffy naivite, before someone applies reality.)

They’re not. My institute is really corrupt , for example. I advise people not to donate to our institute but to specific researchers. I really do.

Sigh. There goes my fluffy cloud.

Unfortunately, I’m not a mortal that can afford to donate a million to a specific researcher, though. Where do I set down my $500 so that each dollar makes a difference? $500 may not seem like a lot compared to a million, but I worked for that money, and I’d hate for it to go to waste!