Military may do more domestic work

Yes sir

I ,personally, think this should have been done sooner.I mean, what the hell? FIVE DAYS after the hurricane?Does it take take that long for Bush to react? :thud:
It hasnt really come to mind that the military would be helping, honestly.Why presidents are unwilling to send out their own military domestically to aid is beyond me.But I think that to enforce the law restrictions of the PC act would become such a mess.

I dont think were going to have Mardi Gras next year…just a thought.

I was watching something yesterday where Oprah was on the scene, and they went into the stadium… it looked HORRIBLE… and must’ve smelt horrible by the way that they were gasping when they came out, And wearing masks through the whole thing.

Definitely, agreed.


Well, the Festivals Acadiens is on. Thanks God, Diex merci.

LAFAYETTE, La. Louisiana made time for a party today.
Lafayette kicked off the first full day of the Festivals Acadiens. It’s billed as the largest Cajun festival in the world.
There was two-step dancing, picnic lunches, jambalaya, and accordions and fiddles.
Lafayette’s about 135 miles northwest of New Orleans, and almost all of its 150-thousand people are helping shelter someone from New Orleans. This weekend is a chance to throw off the devastation of Hurricane Katrina for a moment.

This is such a dangerous statement: “The Insurrection Act lets the president call troops into federal action inside the United States whenever “unlawful obstructions, combinations or assemblages - or rebellion against the authority of the United States - make it impracticable to enforce the laws” in any state.” because of how loosely this is all defined and all the possible ways you could interpret this in an dictatorial fashion.

The states have the national guard to take care of this kind of thing, the military is not there to police the US. The national guard shouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place, so its bullshit that you create a bad situation by removing the people that should be there. Instead of trying to correct that mistake by doing what you should’ve done in the first place, not fucking the national guard, you don’t make another mistake by bringing in people that shouldn’t be there to replace them.

The Army is a tool of the executive branch, and should never be used for domestic work. This is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Though, the same outcry was raised when Kennedy used the NG to integrate schools, and not much came out of that :\