Mid-Day of the Living Inactive

I got really bored and was looking through my old links folder and figured I’d drop by and see how everybody around here was doing.

For those who don’t remember me, I am Deedly, thats all you need to know, Yar!

Since I’ve been gone I’ve just been jumping from online community to online community doing stuff and not doing stuff. I have started what is almost a tradition of doing something, becoming accepted, and then getting bored and leaving (Seem familiar?). Now I figure all I need to get un-bored is to try going back to some of the old communities I left and meet up with some old friends, so I believe I shall.

Holy shit, it’s Deedly! =O

Welcome back!

I remember you, welcome back!

sup deeds

Why you telling me specifically that’s all I need to know? :smiley:

It was more of a piratey yell at all the people who don’t remember me…

Look! A convenient distraction.

is distracted Welcome back! Hope you stick around.

Hey, when are we gonna chill? You fucking live like 70 miles from me and shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mid-day? What kind of stupid zombies come out at noon?

The ones that, um, don’t … live … very long.

Once they’ve overrun a city, they come out whenever the hell they want to!

Deedly. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do not know you but hello.


And college zombies who don’t have a final until wednesday and have nothing to do in the meantime (Except study…) come out during mid-day.

Hello Mr. Deedly. I don’t know you but you must be important since everyone else here remembers you. So welcome back.

DEEDLES! :smiley:

hi deedlypoo

Haha, deedly! I remember you!

So is this like an old timer reunion thread?

my turn 2 say it. DEEDLY!