Microsoft wins 'HTML application' patent,39024653,39117293,00.htm

Most. Stupid. Idea. Ever.

Ugh… We oughta start a movement for everyone to go back to Win 95/98. Not only are they better, but they’ll show M$ we don’t want all this new shit.

I have to agree with Wertigon here, that is a really stupid idea.


Goddamn those MS morons.

I still have Win98 as the Windows on my computer, actually…

EDIT: Loading that webpage froze my browser. :hahaha; But then, Mozilla is a piece of crap, for the versions prior to 1.0, at least.

OF course.
Microsoft wins EVERYTHING!

How fun.

For some reason I’m really glad I have Win98. That idea really, REALLY scares me.

I’d actually be back on Win 98 right now, but my new hardware doesn’t really get along with it too well. I hate how hardware manufacturers cut too many corners these days… once their stuff tests with the current popular OS (Win XP right now), they ship. >:O

This patent stuff is pure bullshit.

This why I’m getting SuES 9 on my laptop when I get it. Hopefully I’ll avoid the worst of this stuff…

And SuSE isn’t much better than Windows. The only difference lies in the lisencing, but I suppose that is the part that you’re interested in and not stability, speed, and security.

I dunno. It doesn’t really sound so stupid to me. After all, it doesn’t exist yet, so it’s not like they’re patenting HTML pages. These appear to be HTML-driven applications that run through Windows rather than the browser. It’s a neat idea, actually. Obviously they’re interested in people developing these applications, so they’re not going to keep the patent to themselves. They’re probably going to license it for a fee. Which doesn’t really sound like the end of the world IMO.

Given the idea as I understand it, the stupidity lies in the fact that

  1. the idea is such a simple instantiation of existing technology as to not be worth a patent, and
  2. there is little reason to accomplish what they are trying to do outside of existing security structure; doing so only really gives a chance to do things wrong.

Exactly. Part of the current mess with security and whatnot is that far too many people work with things that they have far too little skill to be involved in. Not only do they re-invent the wheel - They do it in probably the poorest way possible.

As far as I understand it it’s the ability to write a program in HTML. I mean, COME ON! HTML is not a programming language. It never will be, either. It’s a markup language, nothing more, nothing less. What they do is something C, C# and C++ solves way better than HTML ever will be able to solve…

Wert: Have you ever tried to program a GUI (graphical user interface) in C? Or even Java? It’s murder. From what I gather, HTML will be doing the layout work, and things like JavaScript will be doing the other work. (Of course, JavaScript can’t alter the filesystem at all, so MS will probably have to come up with some other language, maybe a VisualBasic-type of deal, to do it). I think it’s a GREAT idea as long as they’re a bit smart about it.

Originally posted by Vic_Viper
I have to agree with Wertigon here, that is a really stupid idea.

Cid: But there’s already many so called GUI languages, and among them there’s XUL. Most of them are already more advanced than HTML-apps ever will be, and with better thought put into them. Integrated Development Environments exists for a reason: To make it easier for the developer to make a GUI app. If you have something like Visual Studio.NET it’s fuggen easy to make precisely that.

Not to mention the security risk - All you have to do is to surf to a page with the extension .hta, and IE will execute it. That means malicious code can easily infect your computer whether you like it or not. Crackers worldwide will love this, but that’s about it.

And if you think it’d be easy to spot that, think again - all you need is an iframe.

Wert, you don’t know any of the details about this sort of thing. You don’t know that what you just said is true. Why not wait until the thing actually exists before judging how secure it is?

If it can be made secure, I think it’d be a great idea. I think it’d let people who aren’t 1337 programmers have access to making Windows programs, which can only increase innovation and ideas. Don’t knock it until you see it.

Originally posted by Pierson

Goddamn those MS morons. [/b]

Cid: I dunno, this sounds pretty much like Active-X, and if it’s anything remotely like the Active-X controls… shivers

Anyhow; If it can alter the stuff of your harddrive, and you can get to it just by surfing, it’ll always be a security hole, no matter how beefed up your security is. 'Nuff said.