Microsoft owns your ASS.

Literally. O.o;,12597,1254911,00.html

I seriously hope they take it too far and start to create cyborgs with cannons in their chest and laser guns in their fingers. Then use them to declare war on apple and smaller rival companies.

Then we shall see if Microsoft is truly worth worshipping.

Awe. Some.

Microsoft owns my cute little butt, so that’s not really a problem with me. But if it can help him remember that there was a meeting with Dave at 12:30. Brilllant if he forgets me (CE), again.

Win CE + Big Nutter
I Missed placed those Huge glasses. What, I can’t make one cos of Bill Sues Nutters.

… and Australia’s like, “Dubya tee eff, mate.”

Too bad its invalid in the majority of the world.
Now excuse me as I go and patent breathing.

Well they sorta all ready do anyhows, good number of people use windows systems. ::dekar!:: Crap, we gonna be wired down through our veins eventually.

I’m moving there:P

WTF, Mate? We’s ain’t be likes that!