Microsoft on the verge of bankruptcy

Or at least, that’s the only reason I can think of for the new MSN requiring 3/4 of the screen for ADS. This is the worst-looking and performing anything I’ve seen on any computer. Don’t get it. FFS, don’t get this shit. The internet is going to hell :expressionless:

Seriously, I want to cut Bill Gates with a HIV shiv.

Bill gates barely runs Microsoft anymore, or so I thought. Besides, not that I’ve updated it yet, but it can’t be nearly as bad as those motherfucking ads that bounce off the screen at you requiring you to spend 30 seconds searching for the tiny-ass close button.

Who the fuck uses MSN? (I guess I don’t because I don’t have any friends.)

I’ve noticed that everyone I know in Canada uses MSN, whereas everyone I know in the States uses AIM.

Is Hades talking about MSN Messenger or MSN the service? I don’t use MSN. Just the messenger and even then, through Adium (which is GREAT!)

Everyone in my law school uses GChat.

I’m talking about what’s now called “Windows Live Messenger” or someshit. The thing that’s like AIM, but from Microsoft and which my friends actually use. You log in with a hotmail account, or at least I do. I think you can also use gmail and such. It’s been alright before now, but it just took a sharp drop in user friendliness with this version.

I’ve been using msn messenger (what is now called Windows Live Messenger) for ages… but I haven’t done the recent update (which I believe Hades is referring to.) However, I think Windows Live Messenger is great, I’ve never had problems getting around its user-friendly interface or had any random errors. Plus, Windows Live Messenger is what is used mainly here (where I am)… all my friends use it. :slight_smile: However I’ve heard good things about “Skype” but haven’t used it much (at all!)

You could ask the ballin’ rich Canadian Prime Minister to help donate some of his huge funds (because all Canadian PMs are mega super pimpin’ rich) to help 'em out.

I use Yahoo…I used to use Trillian, but it ate too much RAM.

Yeah Live Messenger is apiece of shit. I’d go to skype if my friends would.

I use pigeon! I have no idea how to spell it. I could check but then I’d have to figure out how the mouse works. I believe it pretends it’s my aim account.

I’m getting kinda tired of my Vulvuhzela gimmick, but I love that God-fearin’ american shit you got going on. Got any advice for a guy looking to make himself more superficially interesting in a satirical way? :confused:

Yeah, the World Cup is sooo last season.

I thought it was Apple that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

ad- removers ftw? that’s what I do with all common IMs. it’s a matter of roughly one minute. MSN, ICQ… install, use an ad remover, problem solved.

Earlier this year I switched from AIM to Pidgin and never looked back. And I run MSN and Yahoo off it without having to deal with the crap that comes with their individual clients.

I just use Trillian. It works for me.