Microsoft anti-spyware

Here is a new spyware program for you to use. It used to be giant anti-spyware but microsoft bought them out. I believe this is better than adaware and spybot s&d. I use all three though. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it should be the same program with minimal changes. It also blocks alot of spyware from installing itself on your pc keeping you protected.

You didn’t even name the program.

Its microsoft anti-spyware.


What was the program originally called?

It was originally called Giant anti-spyware here is the link


As Microsoft have said themselves; it’s nothing but a supplement to solutions from Symantec, Norman, McAfee, and so forth. But hopefully it’ll reduce the amount of spyware on public PCs - like the ones at my Uni.

Awwww I liked Giant AS. Now Mcrosoft will muck it up.

Oh well, I’ll get it anyway.

The thing about Microsoft anti-spyware sowftware is that it will 99% guaranteed contain spyware itself.

Considering what some people say about the EULAs, one would think Windows is a fat hunk of spyware.