Anyone else here have a microphone and/or webcam?

If you do, do you have AIM (or Yahoo messenger)?

I got a new mic and a webcam, so I’m excited about trying them.

Actually, I think I have a built-in microphone on my computer. And I also use AIM. But I don’t know you, so NYAH! >=P



I have both and all the major messengers but no.

Bing wants to strip for us!

I’ve got a mike, but I’ve been emotionally scarred from using it. Sorry.

Evangelion is letting her mind run wild again.

BTW, you can ignore this thread altogether, I was REALLY tired.

And Dragonessa, what…happened?

You dont want to know… it’s a horrible story… HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! Runs off crying

Otherwise known as Charle! >_>

Actually, no, he has nothing to do with it.

I just never have anything to say, it’s like talking on the phone, only with lag.

ive got a mic and the three messengers

were you scared by some ppl making out or something?

Webcams are awesome, but I hate phones and mics are even worse! I still love my mic, though. >_>

No Mike and but have acces to web cam with built-in. But don’t work with my Pc 'Cos my pc old.

Big Nutter
If you want it you get RM files of The FF Parody, by WindyTWIT and Big Nutter.

Aw Eva… ^^

Well, now we all know Hades fantasies.

Oh Hades. As if I don’t do enough grumble