Michael Jackson didnt have sex with little boys

At least thats what I heard. Somone link to it.

Yeah, I think I heard about that on the interweb somewhere too. I tried googling it but all I got was a news article on a thread that was going to be closed soon


God damnit, now he’s going to release a new album

They are to be referred to as little men, now.

Michael Jackson didnt have sex with little boys.

He played indians and cowboys with them then? Lovely, now his status has finally passed from pedophile to where it rightfully belongs as fourty year old nutjob who think he’s a twelve years old.

I liked him better when he was black

and a male

In all honesty, if MJ were smart (lord knows if he is), he should go to Vegas. Become a lounge singer. Take the route of Sinatra, Elvis, and Celine Deon.

So the sequinned glove didn’t fit and they acquitted him?


Jackson acquitted, for anyone still looking for a link. And I guess the most acurate way of putting it is he wasn’t found guilty of having sex with little boys. That doesn’t neccesarily mean he didn’t. I’m not sure if he did or not, though, but I agree with Nulani’s comments.

We can still make jokes about him.

“And now I’m going to find the REAL molesters.”

Regardless, it shouldn’t be as present in the media as it is now, if at all. I’m sick of seeing it, moreso because he’s barely a real person anymore. When I see his completely manufactured face on TV, I get the image of an action figure being exploited by it’s creator. He’s a tool, in it’s strictest sense.

The news is obsessed with the aptly named Cult of the Celebrity, Hades. Unfortunately.

Shit, who knew.

Things like this make me seriously question the way our jury system is set up… or at least how juries are chosen.

I like when people in the media are forced to report on stories such as this by their networks/editors, but hate doing so. A great example is MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who hated the whole concept of Michael Jackson eating up airwaves for over a year with this whole ordeal, so instead of seriously reporting on it, he created <A HREF=“http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7277380/”>Michael Jackson Puppet Theatre</A>, just to get past the requirements, but still show his disdain.

Or maybe the prosecution didn’t make a strong enough case for conviction. I mean, there were those few jurors that had tenuous connections to MJ, but the prosecution still approved of them. Just because comedians have made fun of MJ for the past 15 years about pedophilia jokes doesn’t mean he really was one.

And yeah, there’s some flaws in the system. But how would you come up with a better method?

The irony is that I’m finishing up a Utopia project tommorrow.

I’m not sure what the irony is, but it’s there, somewhere.

“I’ve been summoned to chair the sacred defenders of justice? Meet at the Muncipal Fortress Law at 8’oclock sharp? Oh i am SO there!”