Have any of you guys seen the trailer thing for it? It is fucking hilarious. It pretty much has MG3 Snake hiding and it says stuff about how there is no replacement for Hideo. It then gets to the main character and it has Raiden in his MGS2 outfit going towards the chair, with a Sam from Splinter Cell heading towards it. There is a little fight between the two. Sam wins and reveals himself to be Snake. It then ends with Raiden creeping around in the background. It is pretty awesome, I laughed the whole way through it.

Was awesome.

The poster was interesting. It seems like Big Boss is back.

Heh, I liked the splinter cell homage

I’m not sure what part was my favorite, but I like how Kojima poked fun at himself and Raiden (such as Raiden pulling off a Snake mask). It seems like Koima learned from MGS2 and just uses Raiden as a the joke of the series.

Solid Snake as Sam Fisher is fucking brilliant. That was great.

That was really cute. :sunglasses: One thing you have to hand to Konami, they really know how to make fun of themselves.

I’m just wondering how Ubi Soft is going to react to this.

Actually, I hear in SC: Chaos theory, theres a part where they mention sarcastically “How am I supposed to get ammo? Shake their corpses and it’ll magically fall out?”, or something to that line. But thats a passive reference.

Well this isn’t the first time that MGS has had a refernce to another stealth series. If you do the monkey game on MGS3, the Colonel tells Snake about his mission and he’s like “What Gabe (Syphon Filter) or Sam?” The Colonel replies, with something about how they are busy or wouldn’t take the silly mission.