I addressed the bomb’s guy in my first post. He was going for sympathy by faking a bad leg. Fortune because she is a bad guy. Although you’re right, she isn’t portrayed as neatively as many blacks in games.

MGS3 is a little different than the past games. Such as it is actually possible to go on a killing spree in MGS3. If you get spotted, just start killing everyone. You’ll eventually kill all the guys in the area and the alert will go away.

Lord knows how many times I did that. It was actually pretty fun. They evened it out also, their were lots of hiding places in the games, now, there’s…really not too many, but if you have the right weapons you can pretty much kill everyone and move on.

It was a good Game all the way any MGS Fan New it was Jack The Big Boss

Every one enjoy btw I hear the MGS movie that they are going to make star

Tom As Solid Snake aim if you want to know more

The movie rumor was started by a bunch of dumbfucks on GameFAQs while waiting for MGS3. They were all “OMGZ IF DER WER A EMM GEE ESS MOOVY WHO WULD U CAST!?!?!?” The idea of a movie has been brought to Kojima a few times. If there happens to actually be one, then Kojima better be working on it. If not, I probably wouldn’t go see it.

I know I wouldnt.

Anyways, I just beat The Pain, this game really is pretty fun.