I just beat that game, it was probably one of the best games I’ve completed in a long time. Certainly worth anyone’s while, anyone played it yet?

Ofcourse. Best Game 2004 in my opinion. The Boss owns. Everyone.

Of course. That was 2004’s BEST DAMN GAME in my honest opinion. I also agree with what Nightblade said. Anyway, MGS3 was the first game that I REALLY enjoyed since FFX came out. God it was good. Hell, everything I’ve said is a complete understatement >>

It was pretty good. I mean, it was easy kinda, but it was good, no doubt. I still think the first MGS was the absolute best.

Favorite Plot Twist? I tend to think it was the end after the credits…and uh…the whole thing with EVA.

One question: Did you pull the triggerto kill the Boss without hesitation?

MGS3 is so good because it’s the most enjoyable thing to play…ever. It’s antithesis would be Unlimited Saga. US wasn’t a terrible game because of it’s battle system or anything like that, but because the thing had no enjoyment for it’s player to get into. None at all, I’m serious. MGS3 however, manages to do something incredibly entertaining in involving the player.

I only used CQC once, by accident, in the Virtuous Mission. That’s the thing though, I don’t know really how to do it well, but I don’t need too. The game lets me play it however I wish. I can go on a killing spree if I wish. I don’t have to call Sigint or Para-Medic, but I choose too to listen to the hilarious comments that usually spring up, and to hear just how much detail Kojima put into realizing what kind of state the wold was in in 1964. Heck, call Sigint at the right time and you’ll get a convo. about racicism and how it’ll always be in the world. k The game is a freakin’ social commentary. Plus, Sigint is black, so am I.

Black man in videogame=Me being a happy person

You know what? It’s just really, really good, that’s all.

Black man in video game talking about shit that turns everything into shit = priceless.

I totally forgot that…oh my gosh, that was priceless!

Seriously though, I do appreciate Kojima for that though. Barret in FF7 was nothing but, well, a stereotypical black man. MGS2 and 3 were daring in that both decided to include intelligent black people in them. Some might think it a small thing, but I did enjoy that.

I love this game, more then any game ever made.

Actually, MGS2 didn’t really show blacks too well. The only black represented well was the Commadant. The rest weren’t shown well (such as Fortune being a bad guy and the other guy seeking pity for his failure). Signit is cool and shows blacks fairly well, but he is a first for Kojima.

Some of the cool things to do after you beat the game.

  1. Get infinity face paint (lay a mouse trap in the area where you fought The Fear, and you should capture Tsuchinoko, don’t eat it! Finish the game with it alive)

  2. Get Stealth Camo (this one took me a long time, shoot all Kerotan Frogs.)

  3. Equip Infinity, Spirit Camo, and Stealth Camo (it’s an item) and go crazy with TNT :smiley:

I haven’t played it, but I watched somebody play it, and I didn’t think that it was that great. The bosses were all ridiculously annoying, either in personality, the actual fight, or both. And then there’s so much dialogue that just isn’t that interesting.

The game might start up slow, but I really thought most of the bosses were fantastic. Some of them might have not had any personality (Pain,Fear,Fury), but End, Sorrow, Volgin, and Boss were really cool. All of them were really cool fights. Especially the End, and Boss.

I actually enjoyed a lot the dialogue. They finally got a good balance between the two things in this game.
Except… for the beginning. The beginning has just a bit too much for my tastes. Other than that, I enjoyed the mixture of movie/video game. I’d love to see a MGS movie at some point. So long as kojima has a hand in it.

Infonick: What about that dude who was trying to disable the bombs? Also, I realize Fortune was a bad guy…or woman, or whatever, but she wasn’t nearly as stereotypical as, say, Barret. She didn’t cuss all the time, or anything like that. I’ll just settle with that, besides, she’s probably the first black woman I’ve known to be in a videogame at all. She doesn’t have to be a hero or anything to be a good character, which I found her to be. I mean, she had her reasons for everything she did, and I foudn her story to be pretty well-told and well, sad.

The speech the Boss made at the beginning was long-winded, but it had a point and a message. I don’t see any other way they could’ve got it out though and connected it the game’s theme without making at least one long-winded speech, so I’ll go with it.

I enjoy the MGS series a lot, but both MGS2 and MGS3 had some very annoying bits to it. In MGS2 the story got a little crazy towards the end. MGS3 really had me frustrated several times. Firstly, they stopped trying to make any sense at all out of the story; why do all these bosses have all these powers, and is there any point to any of them? One of the things I loved about MGS1 is how they tried to humanize the bosses and indicate why they did what they did, which was sorely missing from MGS3. And what’s with a general of the Russian army being able to conduct electricity? O_o

Other than that, I had a lot of trouble with the gameplay. Mainly this is because if I wanted to play the way Major Zero kept telling me to play, it’d have taken me years. -- When I finally realized that I could blast people, it got a little easier. 8p I did set the difficulty to Easy (something I didn’t have to do on the other MGS games) and STILL ended up very frustrated. I sorely missed the radar… yes, I realize it’s more realistic, but it’s much more of a pain. There were several areas I had to rush through and miss like fifteen items because I just couldn’t take all the time to pick everyone off without being spotted. I also didn’t like how linear most of the game was… I miss my security keys. ;;

The fight with The End took me like two hours, and so did the fight with The Boss (I finally beat her with three seconds left to go). >_< But the story was really awesome (although I don’t think Ocelot’s voice actor was very fitting).

Its no where near <i>that</i> difficult at all. You just suck Cid :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, Ocelot’s VA wasn’t all that bad either. It took me a minute to adjust to the change, but I thought he did a good job. As for the bosses with powers, who knows. When you get their camo you obtain some of their abilities, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Geez Cid, what was so hard about the game? I played it on Normal, as I do pretty much every game and I got along pretty fine. I do understand how you could see the bosses as shallow…mainly because they are. It seems to me that’s some strange way of thinking the series has taken. With each game that comes out for the series, the less development we get for the bosses.

Sniper Wolf > Fortune > Pain/Fear/End

Wow, I’ve found out MGS3’s weakness, immediate replay value. I might come back to it a long while from now, but…there isn’t much more in the game to see besides the last hour or so.

Why was Snake walking past Major Zero and everyone? Why’s he pissed at them? It’s not like Para-medic or the cool Black man knew about the ruse, right? My other question is, what’s the deal with Ocelot? So, if he’s ADAM, did the CIA tell him to infiltrate Volgin’s base, and lied to Major Zero about it? It seems by the conversation that the CIA Director knew about the whole deal with EVA, and was one step ahead of her. It also clears up a load of things. Everyone knew Snake couldn’t make it by himeself, so they brought EVA into the question to give him a better chance of survival. So…does that mean Ocelot was just screwing with Snake’s mind all those times he was trying to kill him or what?

I had trouble with it the first time through, over 300 kills…
However the second time through, I got under 15 in every catagory. Just takes time to get used to the newer system, but once you get no radar and CQC down, it’s an awesome game.

I bought the game as my christmas present to myself, but honestly, I’m not really all that inclined to play it. I really don’t like the jungle setting. And I’m playing it on normal, and for some reason if I’m chilling in some grass at 95% hidden, a guard will walk by and spot me. It’s ridiculous.

Then again, I’m like, 15 minutes into it.

Like I said, once I realized that I should ignore everything Major Zero told me, I was fine. -_- But it was still hard even on Easy. I particularly didn’t like the fact that the guards were way too smart for me (it was practically impossible to find a place to wait out an alert) and that it took something like ten minutes for the gauge to go from alert back to normal… that’s just insane.

I don’t suck (8p), because as I said I was fine in both MGS and MGS2.