MGS3: The freakin' End!

Anyone care to share tips for blowing this old fogey into oblivion?

What I said:

The easiest strategy to defeat the end is this. Run around and make lots of noise by rolling around (roll, not run) until The End shoots at you. If you were rolling, odds are he missed, if not, take it out and continue. Now that The End has shot at you, he shows up on your map. Use the map to manuever around him until you can get behind him and wail on him with the shot gun.

The part where you can do the most damage is here. After a few shots he’ll be invincible while he stands up. As soon as he starts to stand up - run away! He’s about to drop a flash bomb. If you got hit, you’re screwed, start over - making it this far is about what you’re gonna do. If you do dodge the flash bomb, whip out your Thermal Goggles and follow the foot prints. If you chase him down, you’ll find him bent over wheezing. Take this opportunity to fire a few, and then dodge the next flash bomb, and try again.

This method is useful for both killing him and tranqing him, as the run drains his stamina considerably.

Tankies. I gots him.